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A n g e l , G i l d a ,
Sephardic Holiday Cooking,
Mt. Vernon, 1986. (Aside
from being an excellent cookbook, it provides a discussion o f var­
ious Sephardic customs relating to each Jewish holiday.)
A n g e l , M a r c
A Sephardic Haggadah,
Hoboken, 1988. (Contains Se­
phardic commentaries and customs.)
A n g e l , M a r c ,
Studies in Sephardic Culture,
New York, 1980. (Among
the studies included in this book are a collection o f Judeo-Spanish
proverbs and a Ladino-English glossary.)
D o b r i n s k y , H e r b e r t .
A Treasury o f Sephardic Laws and Customs,
York, 1988. (A teacher’s guide to this volume was also published.
The author lists customs o f four groups o f Sephardim — Judeo-
Spanish, Spanish and Portuguese, Syrian and Moroccan.)
E l b a z , A n d r e .
Folktales o f the Canadian Sephardim,
Toronto, 1982.
G a o n , S o l o m o n .
A Commentary on the Book of Prayer of the Spanish and
Portuguese Jews,
New York, 1990. (The book comments on the text
o f the prayers and also notes and explains various customs.)
L e v y , R e b e c c a A m a t o .
I Remember Rhodes,
New York, 1987. (Memoirs
o f a woman who grew up in Rhodes. The book includes much
folkloric material, and is produced both in Judeo-Spanish and an
English translation.)
G a o n ,
S. and
S e r e l s ,
M. eds.
Sephardim and the Holocaust,
New York,
1987. (A collection o f papers delivered at conferences sponsored
by the Institute o f Sephardic Studies o f Yeshiva University and
Sephardic House.)
L e v y , I s a a c
And the World Stood Silent: Sephardic Poetiy o f the Holocaust,
Chicago, 1989. (Dr. Levy collected and translated the poetry into