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Heker ha-shirah veha-piyut, 708-738
. . . (Beer Sheva, 1989), a cu­
mulative index to Jefim Schirmann’s ’’Bibliography o f Studies
in Hebrew Mediaeval Poetry” appearing in
Kiryat Sefer
1948 to 1978; see pp. 5-7 for citations to material by and about
Ibn Ezra.
The bibliography that follows, by no means exhaustive, at­
tempts to ex tend the abovenamed resources by recording newer
scholarship produced between 1970 and 1990. Excluded are
unchanged reprin tings o f o lder works, entries in encyclopedias,
reviews, and o the r smaller studies, Translations and republica­
tions o f essays collected in book form from o lder jou rna ls are
within the scope o f this bibliography. In addition to providing
coverage o f manuscript holdings, unpublished masters theses,
and doctoral dissertations, a special effo rt has been made to
survey a wide variety o f Jewish and non-Jewish literature for
relevant material in an effo rt to facilitate research on one o f
Spanish Jew ry’s most brilliant luminaries.
B a r z i l a y , I s a a c
Yoseph Shlomo Delmedigo, Yashar of Candia: His Life,
Works and Times.
Leiden: Brill, 1974. 379 p.
Contain scattered references to Ibn Ezra’s influence on
C o h e n , D a v i d E l i e z e r .
“Abraham Ibn Ezra.”
L ’Eylah
(New Year issue
5746), pp. 32-35.
D i a z E s t e b a n , F e r n a n d o ,
Abraham Ibn Ezra y su tiempo.
Asociacion Espanola de Orientalistas, 1990.
Proceedings o f a conference held in 1989 marking the 900th
anniversary o f Ibn Ezra’s birth. Not seen by compiler.
G o l b , N o r m a n .
Les juifs de Rouen au Moyen Age; Portrait d ’une culture
Mont-Saint-Aignan: Publications de l’Universite de Rouen,
1985. 475 p.
“Abraham Ibn Ezra et son oeuvre litteraire a Rouen”: pp.
171-209; “Le conflit d ’idees entre Ibn Ezra et Rashbam”: pp.
M a r g o l i e s , M o r r i s
Samuel David Luzzatto, Traditional Scholar.
York: Ktav, 1979. xv, 253 p.
For the contrasting views o f Luzzatto and Solomon Judah
Rapoport on Ibn Ezra, see pp. 144-49.
V a l l e R o d r I g u e z , C a r l o s
DEL.'^Sabia Abraham Ibn ‘Ezra latin?”
49 (1989): 157-58.
Z i n b e r g , I s r a e l .
A History ofJewish Literature.
V o l . 1:
The Arabic-Spanish