Page 73 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 49

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Issued in series:
Hebrew and Judaic Manuscripts in Amsterdam
Public Collections,
vol. 1. Contains multiple copies o f
Sefer Sahot,
an arithmatic trick, and a poem on chess.
G o l b , N o r m a n .
Spertus College o f Judaica Yemenite Manuscripts; An
Illustrated Catalogue.
Chicago: Spertus College o f Judaica Press,
1972. 116 p.
Contains two entries for liturgical poetry by Ibn Ezra.
D i e h e b r a i s c h e H a n d s c h r i f t e n i n O s t e r r e i c h
(Ausserhalb der
Nationalbibliothek in Wien).
Teil IIA von Arthur Zacharias
Schwarz und Teil IIB von
D .S .
Loewinger und E. Roth. New
York: American Academy for Jewish Research, 1973. 171 p.
See “Register” (p. 117) for scientific works.
H e i d e , A l b e r t v a n d e r .
Hebrew Manuscripts of Leiden University Li­
Leiden: Universitaire Pers Leiden, 1979. 128 p.
J e w i s h T h e o l o g i c a l S e m i n a r y
o f America Library.
A Reel Guide
to Biblical Manuscripts. Reels 1-76.
Ann Arbor: University Micro­
films, [197-]. 82 p.
See Mss. numbers 103, 826-46, 888. The companion booklets
for similarly microfilmed
Philological Manuscripts, Philosophy Man­
uscripts, Adler Special Manuscripts, The History o f Science,
etc., also
contain abundant Ibn Ezra material.
K l a g s b a l d , V i c t o r .
Catalogue des manuscripts marocains de la collection
Paris: Centre national de la recherche scientifique,
1980. 156 p.
L e v y , B . B a r r y
Planets, Potions and Parchments: Scientifica Hebraica
from the Dead Sea Scrolls to the Eighteenth Century.
Montreal: Pub­
lished for the Jewish Public Library by McGill-Queen’s Univer­
sity Press, 1990. 139 p.
For Ibn Ezra manuscripts, see entries #15-17 , 50-51.
R 6 t h , E r n s t ,
H a n s S t r i e d l .
Hebraische Handschriften.
Teil 3:
Die Handschriften der Sammlung H. B. Levy an der Staats- und
Universitatsbibliothek Hamburg.
Wiesbaden: F. Steiner, 1984. 392
Issued in
Verzeichnis der orientalischen Handschriften in
series, Bd. 6:3. Contains material by Ibn Ezra as well
as material related to his piyutim.
S o t h e b y P a r k e B e r n e t
Catalogue of Thirty-eight Highly Im­
portant Hebrew and Samaritan Manuscripts from the Collection Formed
by the Late David Solomon Sassoon . . . Which will be sold at Auction
. . . o n Weds., 5th Nov., 1975
. . . Zurich?. 1975. 128 p.
See lot 23 (pp. 146-48) for Moses Ibn Ezra’s
Arugat ha-bosem,
containing the poem, “Be’shem el asher amar,” formerly attrib­
uted to Abraham Ibn Ezra and now proven to be by Moses
Ibn Ezra based on its appearance here.