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“Abraham Ibn Ezra et son Encyclopedic astrologique”: pp.
I b n E z r a , A b r a h a m .
Le Livre des fondements astrologiques. Le Commence­
ment de la sapience des signes.
Introduction, traduction et notes de
Jacques Halbronn. Paris: Retz, 1977. 319 p.
French translation o f
Sefer ha-te’amim
Sefer reshit hokhmah.
I b n E z r a , A b r a h a m .
Sefer Hanisyonot. The Book o f Medical Experiences
Attributed to Abraham Ibn Ezra. Medical Theory, Rational and Magical
Therapy; A Study in Medievalism.
Edited, translated and commented
b y j . O. Leibowitz and S. Marcus. Jerusalem: Magnes, 1984. 345
I d e l , M o s h e .
Golem:Jewish Magical and Mystical Traditions on the Artificial
Albany: State University o f New York Press, 1990. xxxi,
323 p.
See pp. 86-94 passim for a discussion on
Sefer ha-Hayyim,
a 12th-
century text in the British Library attributed to Ibn Ezra.
I d e l , M o s h e .
“Hermeticism and Judaism.” In: Ingrid Merkel and Allen
G. Debus,
Hermeticism and the Renaissance; Intellectual History and
the Occult in Early Modern Europe
(Washington: Folger Shakespeare
Library; London: Associated University Presses, 1988), pp. 59-76.
See pp. 62-64.
M i l l a s V a l l i c r o s a , J o s £ M a r i a .
“La ciencia entre los sefardies hasta
su expulsion de Espana.” In: R.D. Barnett, ed.,
The Sephardi Her­
itage: Essays on the History and Cultural Contribution o f the Jews of
Spain and Portugal,
vol. 1 (New York: Ktav, 1971), pp. 112-185.
“El magisterio astronomico de R. Abraham ibn ‘Ezra en la Eu­
rope latina a mediados del siglo XII”: pp. 143-49.
M i l l a s V a l l i c r o s a , J o s e M a r i a .
“Una traduccion astronomica de Rabi
Abraham Ibn Ezra.”
Acta historiae rerum naturalium necnon
technicarum—Czechoslovak Studies in the History o f Science,
Special Is­
sue, no. 6 (1973): 363-66.
Ibn al-Muthanna’s commentary on the tables o f al-Khwarizmi.
M i l l A s V e n d r e l l , E d u a r d o .
“El Comentario de Ibn-al-Mutanna a las
Tablas astronomicas de al-Jwarizmi.” In: Accademia Nazionale dei
Oriente e occidente nel Medioevo: filosofia e scienze. Convegno
intemazionale, 9-15 aprile 1969
(Roma: Accademia Nazionale dei
Lincei, 1971), pp. 759-73.
“La traduccion hebraica” (pp. 768-69) discusses Ibn Ezra’s trans­
N o r t h , J o h n D a v i d .
Horoscopes and History.
London: Warburg Insti­
tute, University o f London, 1986. 232 p.
“A Nativity by Abraham ibn Ezra, and Fourteen Spurious Ex­
amples Illustrating a Point o f Printing History”: pp. 108-12; “The