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Sadeh, Pinhas.
Jewish Folktales.
T rans, from the Hebrew by
Hillel Halkin. New York: Doubleday, 1989. 443 p. (Published
originally in Hebrew by Schocken, Tel Aviv, 1983 u n d e r the
Sefer ha-Dimyonot Shel ha-Yehudim.)
This comprehensive anthology o f over 250 diverse stories,
selected and retold by Sadeh, draws heavily on the oral tradition
stories collected by the Israel Folktale Archives, as well as on
East European literary sources. It is a welcome addition to o ther
collections, fo r storytellers delight in having many variants o f
the same story retold. In addition to a Foreword by Halkin and
an Afterword essay by the au tho r, there are also notes on each
story. However, more specific source credit needs to be given
than the too general “An oral story from . . . ”
Frankel, Ellen.
The Classic Tales: 4000 Years of Jewish Lore.
Northvale, NJ: Jason Aronson, 1989. 659 p.
This anthology contains 300 Jewish tales which span 4,000
years o f Jewish literature , from biblical to modern times. T h e re
are ten divisions, including: In the Beginning; From U r to
Egypt-The First Four Generations; From Slavery to Freedom ;
In the Days o f the Judges; David and Solomon; Tales o f the
Second Commonwealth; The Sages o f the Talmud ; Elijah the
Prophet. In addition to the stories, there are a list o f sources,
a bibliography, glossary and indexes. T h e poetic in troduction
to the book sets the tone for delving into the riches o f the Jewish
folk imagination.
Labovitz, Eugene and Annette.
Time fo r My Soul: Jewish Stories
for the Holy Days.
Northvale, NJ: Jason Aronson, 1987. 427 p.
This book contains 62 mostly hasidic stories, many hea rd ora l­
ly from Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach and also many taken from
traditional Jewish sources. Each section has an introduction to
the holiday and its values and themes. Following a similar fo r­
mat, the authors have published a companion collection,
A Touch
of Heaven: Eternal Stories for Jewish Living
(Jason Aronson, 1990.
287 p.), which contains 38 stories illustrating Jewish values. In
this volume, the rabbinic sources o f the tales are explicitly noted.