Page 103 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 5 (1946-1947)

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B e a r m a n , J a n e .
Happy Chanuko. UAHC,* 1943. 50^.
Pictures and jingles about the Jewish holiday which usually occurs in
Fox ,
E t h e l .
Bible primer for the tiny tots. Bloch, 1943. 102 p. $1.25.
Thirty-six stories from the Pentateuch especially adapted for the use of
mothers and teachers in the first telling of the Bible stories. Simply and
clearly written in short sentences. (6-7)**
J o n e s , E l i z a b e t h , O r t o n .
David, A Bible story with pictures. N. Y., Macmillan
1937. unpaged. $2.00.
A beautiful picture story of David showing the simple, colorful costumes of
Biblical days, done with freshness and charm, and accompanied by well-
selected Biblical text.
- r u c k m a n , H e r b e r t
L. Joey meets his people. Hebrew, 1940. 44 p. 75^.
An imaginative story of a little Jewish boy who misbehaves in Hebrew School
and is taken on a strange adventure where he learns about the great Jewish
heroes of history.
L e v i n g e r , E l m a E h r l i c h .
The beautiful garden and other Bible tales. Bloch,
1946. Illus trated by Jessie B. Robinson. 184 p. $1.75.
The author retells for children everywhere, in simple and beautiful language,
the ever-living, ever-inspiring stories of the Book of Books.
L e v y , S a r a
G. Mother Goose rhymes for Jewish children. Bloch, 1945. Illustrated
by Jessie B. Robinson. 61 p. $1.25.
Verses in the traditional pa ttern , interspersed with Hebrew words in Roman
characters, to familiarize Jewish children with their inherited tongue.
M a l i n o , J e r o m e
R. Bible jingles coloring book, with drawings by Robert Joyce.
Behrman, 1943. 40 p. 80^.
Pictures and jingles illustrating the highlights of the Old Tes tament and the
principal Jewish holidays. For the very young child.
M e y e r , M a b e l
H. and
H e l e n S a t t l e r .
Happy hour project. Bloch, 1943. 85ff.
A group of twenty projects depicting Bible happenings with text, music, and
pictures for coloring. For kindergarten and primary age.
P e s s i n , D e b o r a h .
The Aleph-Bet story book. JPS, 1946. Illustrated by Howard
Simon. 176 p. $1.50.
The personified letters of the Hebrew alphabet introduce themselves to Adam
and go adventuring in the days of the early Hebrews. For young children.
W e i l e r s t e i n , S a d i e R o s e .
The adventures of K ’tonton, a little Jewish Tom
Thumb. N. Y., Women’s League of the United Synagogue of America,
1935. Illustrated. 100 p. $2.00.
Through the adventures of an imaginary Tom Thumb, the small child learns
of traditions, customs, and ceremonies in the Jewish home.
---------------- . What the moon brought. JPS , 1942. Illustrated. 159 p. $1.50.
Charmingly told stories of the Jewish holidays and the Sabbath, woven
around the experiences of two children in an American Jewish home.
---------------- . What Danny did. Bloch, 1928. 107 p. $1.75.
Aims to present the everyday religious life and customs to the smallest Jewish
*Publishers’ Code: Behrman House, N. Y. ( = Behrman)
The Bloch Publishing Company, N. Y. ( = Bloch)
The Jewish Publication Society, Philadelphia, Pa. ( = JPS)
The Union of American Hebrew Congregations, Cincinnati.
Ohio ( = UAHC)
The Hebrew Publishing Company, N. Y. ( = Hebrew)
**Numbers in parenthesis refer to age bracket intended.