Page 104 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 5 (1946-1947)

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A l t m a n , A e d i e R i c h m a n .
The Jewish child’s Bible stories. Bloch, 1920. 152
p .
Bible stories written in simple language. The ethical value of the stories is
emphasized. (8-10)
A s c h , S h o l e m .
In the beginning. N.Y. , Pu tnam , 1935. Illustrated. 120 p. $2.00.
The stories of Genesis for young readers. (9-12)
T h e F i v e B o o k s
o f
M o s e s ;
selected and translated for Jewish youth by
B e n -
Ami Scharfstein. N. Y., Shilo, 1944. 219 p. $1.50. (12-14)
B i b l e , H o l y S c r i p t u r e s .
JPS , 1917. $1.50.
According to the Masoretic Text. A new translation, with the aid of previous
versions and with constant consultation of Jewish authorities.
B i b l e , T o r a h r e a d i n g s .
fN.Y., Junior, 1944. 168 p. Trans lated and edited by
Jerome L. Hershon. $1.00.
A simplified version of the Five Books of Moses, for home, synagogue, school
and camp. (12-14)
C a l i s h , E d i t h L i n d e m a n .
Bible tales for the very young. Behrman, 1930.
163 p. $1.00.
Twenty-four stories, well written and illustrated, extending from Creation to
the death of Moses. (7-10)
C o h e n , L e n o r e .
Bible tales for very young children. UAHC, 1934. 189 p. $1.25.
Emphasizes the values of the Bible and what educational theory had developed
to meet the needs for little children. (7-10)
G a e r , J o s e p h .
The burning bush. Cincinnati, Sinai Press, 1929. 333 p. $1.75.
The volume takes its name from the “ Burning Bush” of the Bible. (9-11)
----------------. The Unconquered. Cincinnati, Sinai Press, 1932. 359 p. $1.75.
Stories of personalities and events during the time of the Second Temple. A
continuation of the “ Burning Bush.” (11-13)
G o l d i n , H y m a n
E. Bible and Talmud stories. N.Y. , Star, 1931. 208 p. 205 p*
210 p. $2.00 set.
A biblical history for school and home with stories from the Talmud and
Midrash, questions, maps and illustrations. (10-12)
I s h - K i s h o r , S u l a m i t h .
The Bible story. N.Y. , United Synagogue of America,
1921. Three volumes. Vol. 1, 155 p. vol. 2, 221 p. vol. 3, 250 p. 50^ each.
The Bible retold in simple language. (7-10)
S o l i s -C o h e n , Emi ly .
David the giant killer.
1908. 250 p. $1.00.
A Jewish grandmother tells stories from the Old Tes tament and Apocrypha
to her grandchildren. (8-11)
B i a l i k , H a y y i m
N. And it came to pass. Hebrew, 1938. 281 p. Trans lated by
Herber t Danby. $2.50.
A collection of legends and tales, adapted from Arabic and Jewish sources —
ancient, medieval, and modern. All reflect the narrative and poetic talent of
Bialik. (11-15)
B l o c h , C h a y i m .
The Golem. Legends of the Ghetto of Prague. Vienna, 1925.
247 p. Trans lated from the German by Ha r ry Schneiderman. $1.00.
An account of the allegorical creature, the Golem, who was born out of the
need of persecuted Jews for a supernatural force to rise against anti-Semitism
in Prague. (14-16)
C a l i s c h , E d i t h L i n d e m a n .
Fairy tales from grandfather’s big book. Behrman,
1938. 130 p. Illustrated. $1.50.
Th ir teen strange and exciting Jewish fairy stories about demons, angels, and
beasts. A book th a t will be useful for story-telling. (8-11)