Page 105 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 5 (1946-1947)

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I s a a c s , A b r a m s .
Stories from the Rabbis of the Talmud. Bloch, 1920. 222 p.
The Rabbis, whose sayings are recorded in the Talmud were admirable
story-tellers. Centuries have passed, but their wisdom is still ripe and ready
for harvest. (11-14)
L a n d a , G e r t r u d e .
Jewish fairy tales and legends. Bloch, 1921. 294 p. $1.25.
Contains twenty-five tales and fables, especially written for Jewish boys and
girls. (8-11)
S i m o n , S o l o m o n .
The wandering beggar; or the adventures of Simple Shmerel.
Behrman, 1942. 118 p. Illustrated by Lillian Fischel. $1.50.
A delightful juvenile, emphasizing the parables of Jewish life as manifested
through the faith and wisdom of the hero. (9-12)
----------------. The wise men of Helm. Behrman, 1945. 135 p. $2.00.
Amusing tales of a town filled with unbelievably foolish people. (9-12)
S t e i n b e r g , J e h u d a .
The breakfast of the birds. JPS, 1915. 175 p. Translated
by Emily Solis-Cohen. $1.50.
Eighteen beautiful stories which belong to tha t literature which is timeless.
A l o f s i n , D o r o t h y .
The nightingale’s song. JPS , 1945. 200 p. $2.00.
A Jewish farm family wins the regard of their community, and their daughter
renews her pride in her people’s heritage and in America. (12-16)
A r o n i n , B e n .
Cavern of Destiny. Behrman, 1943. 200 p. Illustrated by Lillian
Fischel. $2.00.
Continues the story of Raphael Drake and his search for the lost Temple
treasures which was begun in the Lost Tribe. (12-16)
A r o n s t a m , N o a h .
Lost Nation. Behrman, 1940. 105 p. $1.50.
An historical tale about the Chazars who were converted to Judaism. (12-16)
B a r o n , J o s e p h
L., ed & comp. Candles in the night; Jewish tales by Gentile
authors. JPS , 1940. 391 p. $2.00.
Twenty-three non-Jewish authors are represented in these stories, originally
written in the different languages and culled from fourteen national literatures.
Some of the authors represented are: Boccaccio, Chekov, Gorki, Anatole
France, Strindberg, Stephen Vincent Benet, and Sinclair Lewis. (14-16)
B e r k o w i t z , H e n r y
J . The fire eater. JPS , 1941. 394 p. $1.50.
An adventure story featuring a Jewish hero who meets life with courage and
daring. (11-14)
B i a l i k ,
y y i m
N. Aftergrowth and other stories. JPS, 1939. 216 p. Translated
from the Hebrew by I. M. Lask. $2.00.
Contains also the “ Shamed T rumpe t” and “The Short Fr iday” with an
important biographical introduction of value to the reader unacquainted with
Bialik. (12-16)
B l a n f o r d , B e n j a m i n ,
W. Off the Capes of Delaware. Cincinnati, Riverdale
Press, 1940. 325 p. $1.75.
Stories of American Jewish heroes. (12-16)
B u r s t e i n , A b r a h a m .
The boy called Rashi. Behrman, 1940. 116 p. $1.25.
A story about the great commentator Rashi. A fine picture of the life of the
period, depicted with humor and sympathy. (10-13)
----------------. The boy of Wilna. Hebrew, 1941. 128 p. Illustrated by Sol Nodel.
Stories for children in the intermediate grades based on the boyhood life of
Eli jah ben Solomon, Gaon of Wilna (1720-1797). (10-13)
---------------- . Judah Halevi in Granada. Bloch, 1941. 160 p. $1.25.
The story of Halevi’s boyhood with the rhymed translations of his better
poems woven into the story. (10-13)