Page 106 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 5 (1946-1947)

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---------------- . West of the Nile; a story of Saadia Gaon. Hebrew, 1942. 143
p .
A story of the Jewish scholar Saadia Gaon of the first century and leader of
Jewry in medieval Babylon. (10-13)
C o o p e r , S a m u e l W i l l i a m .
Think and thank. JPS ,
1 8 9 0 . 1 2 0 p . $ 1 . 0 0 .
Sir Moses Montefiore’s boyhood. The troubles of Jewish schoolboys who
encounter race prejudices and how through pluck and honesty they win
success. (11-14).
F a s t , H o w a r d
M. Pa trick Henry and the frigate’s keel. N. Y., Duell, 1945. 253 p.
A group of historical stories of the American past including “ the Price of
Liberty,” which tells of the exploits of Johnny Ordronoux, a French Jew who
came to this country to fight for liberty in the war of 1812. (11-15)
F l i g h t , J o h n
W., and
F a h s , S o p h i a L y o n .
Moses: Egyptian prince, nomad
sheikh, lawgiver. Drawings by Dorothy Bayley. Boston, Beacon, 1942.
146 p.
A story of Moses for boys and girls. (11-14)
I s a a c s , A b r a m s
S. School days in home town. JPS , 1928. 162
p .
A story of life in a Jewish boarding school. (12-15)
---------------- . The Young champion. JPS , 1913. 196 p. $1.00.
A very interesting account of Grace Aguilar’s girlhood, describing her home
influence, her Jewish fervor, and her championship of the Jewish religion.
L e a r s i , R u f u s ,
(pseud.) Kasriel the Watchman. JPS , 1925. 311 p. $1.25.
Realistic pictures of modern Jewish life on the Eas t Side of N.Y. (12-15)
---------------- . Shimmele, and Shimmele and his friends. Behrman, 1940. 116-
113 p. $1.25.
Stories of the adventure of a little Eas t Side boy, Shimmele Cohen, and his
friends. (10-13)
L e v i n g e r , E l m a E .
In many lands. Bloch, 1923. 143 p. $1.25.
Stories for every Jewish holiday in the year. Each story is preceded by a
brief essay explaining and describing the holiday, with an original poem
bearing on the theme of the festival or story. (12-14)
---------------- . Tower of David. Bloch, 1924. 203 p. $1.25.
Twenty stories with a purpose, treating of phases of Jewish life, mostly modern.
L e w i s o h n , L u d w i g ,
editor. Jewish short stories. Behrman,
1 9 4 5 . 1 6 0 p .
size. 50f6.
R e z n i k o f f , C h a r l e s .
The Lionhearted, a novel about the Jews in Medieval
England. JPS , 1944. 243 p. $2.50.
The author chose his theme from the age of the Crusades, when the position
of the Jews in Europe was similar to their present day plight. England, and
more particularly London, furnish the locale. The chief events center around
the coronation of Richard I, and the bloody pogroms th a t followed. The
novel achieves a well drawn contrast between the dashing and daring crusaders,
and the peace loving, but even braver Jews. (14-16)
R o t h g i e s s e r , R u b e n ,
Ship of hope. JPS , 1939. 144 p. $1.50.
The story of a group of Spanish-Jewish children of the 15th century who
found refuge from their persecutors in Nor th Africa. (11-14)
S a p h i r e , S a u l .
The Caliph of Cordova. Bloch, 1929. 204 p. $1.25.
A picturesque story of the days of the Golden Age of Spain, and the Jewish
contribution to the history, political and economic, of th a t day. (13-16)
D a v i s , M a c .
From Moses to Einstein; They all are Jews. N. Y., Jordan , 1937.
127 p. $2.00.
Highlights in the lives of sixty Jewish figures whose deeds were dramatic
and varied in scope. (12-15)