Page 107 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 5 (1946-1947)

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D a v i s , M a c .
Jews fight too. N. Y., Jordan, 1945. 221 p. $2.00.
True stories of unknown and unsung heroes of the Jewish faith, the world over,
who fought gallantly and died gloriously during the war. (12-16)
F a s t , H o w a r d
M. Haym Salomon, Son of liberty. N. Y., Messner, 1941. 243 p.
The life story of the Polish Jew, broker and financier who did so much to help
the American cause during the Revolution. (11-14)
F l e g , E d m o n d .
am a Jew. Bloch, 1929. 100 p. Trans lated by Mrs.
Stephen S. Wise. $1.25.
An inspiring autobiography of a great French author. (13-16)
G u t s t e i n , M o r r i s
A. Aaron Lopez and Judah Touro; a refugee and a son of a
refugee. Behrman, 1939. 118 p. $1.25.
Biographical sketches of two early American merchants. (10-13)
I s h - K i s h o r , S u l a m i t h .
t o
remember. Hebrew, 1941. 127
p .
Brief biographies of famous Jews of the world and their contributions. (9-12)
K a l i s h e r , B e t t y .
Watchmen of the night. UAHC, 1936. 205 p. $1.25.
Collection of stories of twenty-one eminent characters in Jewish history from
the time of Johanan ben Zakkai through tha t of Herzl. (9-12)
K o h u t , R e b e k a .
My portion. Bloch, 1925. 301 p. $1.00.
Autobiography of a noted American Jewess. Introduction by Henrietta Szold.
Her later volume of reminiscences, “As I know them” . (Bloch, 1929) is also
of interest. (14-16)
L e o n a r d , O s c a r .
Americans all. Behrman, 1945. 256 p. $2.50.
An original and well written account of the glorious role the Jews played in
American history. Beautifully illustrated and designed. (12-16)
L e v i n g e r , E l m a
E. Great Jewish women. Behrman, 1940. 159 p.
Thirty-three short biographies of representative Jewish women from Biblical
times to the present. (11-15)
L o t z ,
H e n r y ,
editor. Distinguished American Jews. N. Y., Association Press,
1 9 4 5 . 1 0 7 p . $ 1 . 5 0 .
Studies of twelve men and women of different talents who have a t least two
bonds in common — their American citizenship and Jewish ancestry. (13-16)
L u r i e , R o s e
G. The great march, 2 vols. UAHC, 1931, 1940. $1.75.
A collection of stories of famous Jews and Jewesses of all times with an his-
toric interpretation. (9-12)
P e s s i n , D e b o r a h .
Giants on the earth. Behrman, 1940. 256 p. $2.00.
Twenty-eight short biographies of great Jewish men and women from the
time of the discovery of America to the present. (11-14)
A l o f s i n , D o r o t h y .
The stream of Jewish life. UAHC, 1943. 374 p. $2.00.
An a ttemp t to acquaint young people with significant national Jewish insti-
tutions and organizations. (11-14)
B o n s e r , E d n a
H o w
the early Hebrews lived and learned. N. Y., Macmillan,
1924. 269 p. $2.00.
A dramatic retelling of some Bible stories, outlining the progress which the
Hebrew people made in agriculture, industry, literature, and religion in the
1,500 years after Abraham. (12-15)
B r o w n e , L e w i s .
Stranger than fiction. N. Y., Macmillan,• 1925. 377 p. $1.75.
A very readable history of the Jews. Original in style and cleverly illustrated.
C o h n , E m i l
B. This immortal people. Behrman, 1945. 118 p. $2.00.
A very condensed account of more than 40 centuries of Jewish history, with
emphasis on ideals and aspirations, rather than on facts, very readable.