Page 108 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 5 (1946-1947)

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F a s t , H o w a r d
M. Romance of a people. Hebrew, 1941. 238 p. $2.50.
History of the Jewish people for older boys and girls. (12-15)
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F a s t , B e t t e .
Picture book history of the Jews. Hebrew, 1942.
57 p. $1.25.
A particularly appealing, attractive , and successful panorama of Jewish history
with which to introduce a child to his people. A brief and simplified text is
enlivened by the animated and colorful sketches which present 2,500 years of
Jewish life. (8-11)
F r e u n d , M i r i a m
K. Jewish merchants in colonial America. Behrman, 1939.
127 p. $1.50.
Contains much authentic information in compact form on their achievements
and contributions to the development of America. (12-14)
G o l u b , J a c o b
S. The golden dawn. UAHC, 1942. 756 p. $2.50.
Includes both
Israel in Canaan
In the days of the first temple.
for schools desiring to cover Jewish history from the beginning to 586 B.C.E.
in one year. (10-14)
J a n o w s k y , O s c a r
I, editor. The American Jew. N. Y., Harper , 1942. 322 p.
A comprehensive and objective description and interpretation of Jewish life
in the United States. (14-16)
L e v i n g e r ,
E. E. and
L .
J. The story of the Jew for young people. Behrman, 1928.
302 p. $1.75.
A record of Jewish life over a period of 4,000 years. (12-15)
L e v i n g e r , L e e J o s e p h .
A history of the Jews in the United States. UAHC, 1933.
570 p. $2.00.
Intended as a textbook for children of High School age, bu t useful for adults
as a general introduction to the subject. (13-16)
S o l o f f , M o r d e c a i
I. When the Jewish people was young. UAHC, 1934. 296 p.
A history o f the Jewish people from the time of Abraham to the Babylonian
Exile. (10-13)
Z e l i g s , D o r o t h y F .
A child’s history of the Hebrew people. Bloch, 1935. 179 p.
Describes vividly and graphically the life and achievements of the Jew from
the patriarchal nomadic period to the present. (9-12)
B i a l i k , H a y y i m
N. Fa r over the sea. UAHC, 1939. 90 p. Trans lated from the
Hebrew by Jessie Sampter. Illus trated by Louis Korbin. $1.25.
A book of whimsical verse by one of the foremost Hebrew poets, containing
much variety as to subject material and especially poems about Jewish holi-
days, close to the heart of the Jewish child. (8-12)
C r o n b a c h ,
A b r a h a m .
The Jewish peace book for home and school. UAHC,
1932. 114 p.
The organizer of the “Peace Heroes Memorial Service” tells how peace has
been reflected in the life and lore of the Jews. (11-14)
E i s e n s t e i n , J u d i t h K a p l a n .
The gateway to Jewish song. Behrman, 1939.
172 p. $2.00.
Contains over 100 songs arranged in five par ts for greater use and enjoyment.
F e i n , H a r r y ,
translator. Gems of Hebrew verse; poems for young people. Boston,
Bruce Humphries, 1940. 120 p.
Anthology containing 70 poems selected from the works of 34 Hebrew poets
under the following headings: Sabbath and Holidays; Palestine; Legends;
Personalities; Nature; Humorous Poems. (10-14)