Page 109 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 5 (1946-1947)

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H e r t z , J o s e p h H .
A book of Jewish thoughts. Bloch, 1943. $1.25.
Inspiring thoughts from Jewish Literature. The best of what has been written
by and about the Jew. (12-16)
S a l a m a n , N i n a ,
ed. Apples and honey. Behrman, 1922. 348 p.
A varied and interesting collection of poems, stories and articles covering
wide range of Jewish life and thought. (10-13)
C o n o v i t z , M i c h a e l .
Dorothy and David explore Jewish life. UAHC, 1938.
206 p. Illustrations. $1.50.
An excellent book, not only for children but for parents and teachers, on the
various institutions in a well-organized Jewish community. (9-12)
E d i d i n , B e n
M. Jewish customs and ceremonies. Hebrew, 1941. 148 p. $1.50.
popular discussion of the origin and significance of Jewish ceremonial
practices in the home and synagogue. (12-16)
---------------- . Jewish holidays and festivals. Hebrew, 1940. 226 p. Illustrated by
Kyra Markham. $1.50.
Presents the origin, traditions, customs, and ceremonials relating to the
Jewish holidays, and of the American National Festivals which are bound up
with Hebraic ideals. Book 2, “Jewish customs and ceremonies.” (12-16)
G a e r , J o s e p h . H o w
the great religions began. N. Y., Appleton, 1929. 424 p.
Pa t terned somewhat after Lewis Browne’s “This Believing World,” the book
a ttempts to present the religions of the world to the young. (12-16)
G a m o r a n , M a m i e .
Days and ways. UAHC, 1941. 205 p. $1.50.
An interesting presentation of the Jewish holidays and ceremonies. (9-12)
----------------. Hillel’s happy holidays. UAHC, 1939. 205 p. Illustrations. $1.25
The author describes the customs connected with the observance of the
Sabbath and nine Jewish holidays in very simple English. (8-11)
I d e l s o h n ,
A. Z. The ceremonies of Judaism. UAHC, 1930. 134 p. $1.25.
popular description of the essential customs of the Jewish religion. (10-14)
I s r a e l i t a n , A b r a h a m
H. Israel speaks for democracy. Bloch, 1943. 93 p. $1.00.
The teachings and principles of democracy, woven into a series of Saturday
afternoon conversations between a grandfather and his responsive grand-
children. (11-14)
K a h a n , A a r o n .
Oaks and acorns. Bloch, 1945. 197 p. $2.00.
Inspirational addresses of a rabbi to bar mitzvah boys and their elders based
on Pentateuchal portions. (13-16)
L e v i n g e r ,
With Jewish child in home and synagogue. Bloch, 1930.
124 p. $1.00.
Introduces in a manner easily intelligible for the child those things which
make up the life of the Jew. (10-14)
-------------—, and
L e v i n g e r , L e e
J . Folk and faith. Bloch, 1942. 139 p. $1.25.
A guide for the confirmant to Israel and its religion. (11-14)
M a z e r , S o n i a .
Yossele’s holiday and the brave Maccabees. Behrman, 1934.
60 p. $1.50.
A story of a family life in a Jewish village of Russia; the account of the Mac-
cabees is based on the Apocrypha. (7-10)
S c h a r f s t e i n , B e n - A m i ,
translator. The children’s Passover Haggadah. N. Y.
Shilo, 1945. Illustrated by Siegmund Forst. $3.50.
The traditional Hebrew text has been retained. The English text flanks the
Hebrew page. The translation is modern, free, and simple.
S m i t h , H a r o l d .
A treasure hunt in Judaism. Hebrew, 1942. 182
p .
by A. D. Bernstein. $2.00.
A book for boys and girls on the customs, ceremonies, and observances of the
Jewish religion. (12-14)