Page 110 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 5 (1946-1947)

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S o l t e s , M o r d e c a i .
The Jewish holidays. National Jewish Welfare Board, 1943.
A revised edition which treats the origin, significance, and observance of
Jewish holidays and customs. Third edition published by the National
Jewish Welfare Board. (10-16)
S t e i n b a c h , A l e x a n d e r , A .
Sabbath Queen. Behrman, 1936. 174 p. $1.85.
A collection of fifty-four sermons, one for each sidra of the week, inter-
spersed with homilies and comments taken from the Midrash and Talmud.
Z e l i g s , D o r o t h y .
The story of Jewish holidays and customs. Bloch,
1 9 4 2 .
252 p. $1.75.
Explains the holidays tha t are observed in a modern American Jewish home
in the light of their historical significance. (10-13)
B e n - I s r a e l , S h e l o m o .
The strange adventures of Danny Nor. Behrman, 1945
143 p. $2.00.
An exciting story about a Jewish lad from Tel-Aviv, who runs away from
home, and who becomes a cabin boy on a freight steamer. (10-14)
B r a v e r m a n , L i b b i e L .
Children of the Emek. Brooklyn, Furrow Press, 1937.
118 p. $1.50.
The story of the life of two children of the new Jewish settlements in Nahalal,
a worker’s cooperative in Palestine. (8-10)
H e r z l , T h e o d o r .
Old-New Land. Bloch, 1941. 296 p. Trans lated by Lo tta
Levinsohn. $2.00.
^ A novel by the founder of political Zionism, describing his hopes for a Jewish
’I homeland. (13-16)
K i n g , M a r i o n .
Amnon, a lad of Palestine. Behrman, 1945. 94 p. $1.50.
A lovely picture of a little Jewish boy’s life in Palestine, with a particularly
effective description of the feast of Purim. (8-10)
L e v i n g e r , E l m a E h r l i c h .
Pilgrims to Palestine, and other stories. JPS , 1940.
274 p. $1.50.
A collection of readable stories dealing with Jewish young people of many
lands and times; the emphasis is on the modern scene, and there is a great
deal of material with a Palestinian setting. (10-13)
Z e l i g s , D o r o t h y .
The story of modern Palestine. Bloch, 1940. 150 p. $2.00
A vivid and colorful description of a land reborn, conveying the spirit as well
as the facts of the New Jewish homeland. (10-14) '
A s s o c i a t i o n f o r C h i l d h o o d E d u c a t i o n .
Told under the stars and stripes.
N. Y., Macmillan, 1945. $2.00.
Over twenty-five stories by different authors, about young Americans of dif-
ferent racial backgrounds. The stories are intended to promote goodwill.
B e a r d , A n n i e
E. S. Our foreign born citizens; what they have done for America.
N. Y., Crowell, 1939. 448 p. $2.50.
Includes sketches of Felix Adler, Mary Antin, Emile Berliner, Samuel Gom-
pers, Na than Straus, Albert Einstein and others. (13-16)