Page 111 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 5 (1946-1947)

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C o h e n , A r m o n d ,
E. All God’s children. N. Y., Macmillan, 1945. 104 p. $1.50.
Designed to explain the Jew to the Christian; it is a t the same time a plea
for harmony and goodwill. (14—16)
D e u t s c h , B a b e t t e .
The welcome. N. Y., Harper, 1942. 197 p. $2.00.
A newcomer is welcomed from Germany by “ real boys” in American school
and community life. Effective solving of “ refugee problem.” (11-14)
Du Bois,
R a c h e l
D. Build together Americans. N. Y., Hinds, 1945. 270
p .
Reports on programs, actually worked out in more than a hundred schools,
designed to teach young people new attitudes of democracy and goodwill.
. Get together Americans. N. Y., Harper, 1943. 182 p. $1.75.
A practical manual for social interaction among Americans of various racial,
national and religious backgrounds. (12-16)
E a k e i n , M i l d r e d .
Getting acquainted with Jewish neighbors. N. Y., Macmillan,
1944. 100 p. $1.00.
A sympathetic treatment of Jewish symbolism and festivals, especially inter-
esting because it was written by a non-Jew. (14-16)
F i t c h , F l o r e n c e M a r y .
One God, the ways we worship Him. N. Y., Lothrop,
1944. 144 p. Illustrated with photographs. $2.00.
The story of the three great religions of this country intended to help children
understand and respect religions different from their own. (10-14)
G o l l o m b , J o s e p h .
T h a t year at Lincoln high. N. Y., Macmillan, 1920. 290 p.
An excellent story of democratic life in a New York school. Football, baseball,
athletic meets, radios, and other activities are vividly described. Sequels;
“ Tuning in a t Lincoln High” 1925. “Working through at Lincoln High.”
1923. (10-14)
----------------. Up at city high. N. Y., Harcourt, 1945. 217 p. $2.00.
A story showing the evils of race prejudice and intolerance, and how they
can be overcome by courage and idealism. (12-15)
H e r r i c k , A r n o l d
A s k w i t h , H e r b e r t ,
editors. This way for unity. N. Y.,
Oxford, 1945. 462 p. $2.00.
Contains much valuable material to help promote goodwill and teamwork
among racial, religious, and national groups. (14-16)
M e a n s , F l o r e n c e
C. Children of the promise. N. Y., Friendship, 1941. 119 p.
Children of all faiths are guided into experiences of understanding by a wise
sixth grade teacher. (9-13)
T u n i s , J o h n R o b e r t s .
All American. N. Y., Harcourt, 1942. 245 p. $2.00.
In this sports story of American public and private schools we find tha t there
is still work to do at home in the way of good sportsmanship and good will
regardless of race and creed. (11-14)
----------------. Keystone kids. N. Y., Harcourt, 1943. 245 p. $2.00.
This book received the award of the Children’s Book Committee of the
Child Study Association of America as the most challenging book of the
year for young people. The ideals of friendliness in America are portrayed.
-----------. A city for Lincoln. N. Y., Harcourt, 1945 292 p. $2.00.
An inspiring story for young people of the triumph of honesty and democratic
ideals in a political election in Springfield, Illinois. (12-14)
W i s e , J a m e s W .
The Springfield Plan, with photography by Alexander Alland.
N. Y., Viking, 1945. 136 p. $2.50.
A photographic record with accompanying text of the famous Springfield
Plan, which proves tha t democracy can be made real and vital. (13-16)