Page 113 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 5 (1946-1947)

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Necrology for 1945
Compiled by
H a r r y S c h n e i d e r m a n
The following information regarding the outstanding Jewish
men of letters who died in 1945 was compiled on the basis of data
published in the
American Jewish Year Book
, volume 47, or pre-
pared for inclusion in volume 48 of the same work. These data
were supplemented by information obtained from other reliable
The compiler is glad to acknowledge gratefully the assistance of
Mrs. Rose G. Stein of the staff of the American Jewish Committee.
A r o n o w i t z , B e n j a m i n ,
rabbi, teacher; b. Lithuania, Apr. 15, 1864; came to U . י .
1906; rabbi, Lowell, Mass., 1906-10; teacher, law and Talmud, Rabbi Isaac
Elchanan Theological Seminary, New York, for 30 yrs.; pres. Vaad Harabonim,
New York, 1935-37; author of 4 vols. on Talmud problems and biblical
interpretation, including “Momon Anivim,” “ Kohen Cholal,” “Safek Tumah
Bershus Harab im” ; d. New York, N. Y., Sept. 15, 1945.
B o t w i n i k , B e r l ,
Yiddish journalist, author; b. Rakow, Russia, Dec. 24, 1885;
came to U. S. 1905; educ. Russia and Columbia U.; publisher
Unser Shrift,
New York, 1912; dramatic ed.
Jewish Daily Forward,
1914-22; asso. ed.
, 1922; author of several short stories including “The Holy Sabbath,”
“The Jewish Princes” published serially; novels, “Mr. Joe ,” “ Evelyn’s Wed-
ding,” “ Isadora,” “The Stepmother,” “The Document,” “The Fathers” ;
plays, “The Poles of Houston Street,” “Devilish Love,” “Beilke Maraneto,”
“Shaike the Balegole” ; volume of short stories, etc.; a founder Jewish Writers’
Club, 1915, and Yiddish Playwrights’ League; d. Brooklyn, N. Y., Aug. 29,
C o h e n , J e s s i c a ,
editor; b. Cleveland, O., July 11, 1869; ed. emeritus
Review and Observer
, Cleveland; formerly correspondent
Jewish Voice
, St.
Louis; asso. ed.
Jewish Spectator
, Memphis; teacher elementary and high
schools, Cleveland; v.-pres. Ohio Women’s Press Club, for one year; mem.
exec. bd. Council of Jewish Women; d. Cleveland Heights, O., Aug. 15, 1945.
C o h e n , S a m u e l
M., rabbi, communal worker; b. Slutzk, Russia, July, 1886;
came to U.
S .
as a child; exec. dir. United Synagogue of Am., 1917-44 (retired);
organized religious life in Jewish communities; helped establish large number
of synagogue centers, providing religious activities for various age groups;
initiated in 1923, supervised, Jewish religious radio program; author of books
on child education: “Guiding Jewish Youth,” “Jewish Child Guidance,”
“The Progressive Jewish School” ; d. New York, N. Y., Aug. 29, 1945.