Page 115 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 5 (1946-1947)

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K r e p l a k , J a c o b ,
Yiddish novelist, editor; b. Zabludowo, near Bialystok, Poland,
1885; came to U. S. from Belgium 1915; contributor to many periodicals,
New York; managing ed.
for 23 yrs.; author of novels “You th ,”
“War and Days in Barracks,” stories and plays for children; d. New York,
N. Y., Sept. 21, 1945.
M a g i l , J o s e p h ,
Hebrew scholar, printer, publisher; b. Russein, Lithuania, 1871;
came to U. S. 1892; established printing business in Philadelphia; translated
many books of the Bible, the prayer book, Haggadah, etc., used as textbooks
in Hebrew schools; Philadelphia manager,
Jewish Daily News
; active in com-
munal affairs, including Zionist movement; d. Philadelphia, Pa. , Feb. 10, 1945 .
M i l c h , J a c o b ,
author; b. Warsaw, Poland, Nov. 20, 1866; came to U .S . 1891;
Die Neie IVelt
1909; author in Yiddish of “Jewish Problems”
in 3 vols., “Philosophic Chats ,” essays, pamphlets; translator into Yiddish of
several of P la to’s “Dialogues” and other classics; secy gen. United Hebrew
Trades, since 1893; mem. Yiddish Scientific Inst . , Yiddish Culture Soc.;
d. New York, N. Y., Aug. 18, 1945.
P o l i a k o f f - L i t o v t z e f f
S., journalist; b. Russia; came to U. S. 1941; educ. Paris,
France; correspondent for Russian newspapers in capitals of Europe; member
editorial staff
The Day,
New York, since 1941; author of “Labyr in th ,” prize
play in Moscow, and novel “Messiah Without Following” ; aged 70; d. New
York, N. Y., Nov. 2, 1945.
P o s t ( P o h o t s k y ) , W i l l i a m ,
journalist; b. Russia; came to U. S. 1905; labor ed.
Jewish Morning Journal
, New York, since 1915; former labor organizer;
charter mem., former v.-pres., Jewish Writers Union; aged 64; d. Brooklyn,
N .Y . , Aug. 1, 1945.
R i v k i n , B a r u c h ,
author; b. Jakobstadt, Latvia, 1883; in Western Europe 1905-
11; came to U. S. 1911; contributor to literary and news periodicals, in Russian
and Yiddish, on literary and sociological subjects and religious philosophy;
translator; on staff
The Day
, New York, since 1943; d. New York, N. Y.,
June 9, 1945.
R o s e n , B e n ,
Jewish educator;
b .
Baltimore, Md., May 16, 1894; supervisor
education, lecturer pedagogy, Bureau of Jewish Educ., Boston, 1919-21;
dir. Asso’d Talmud Torahs, Philadelphia, 1924-43; exec. dir. American Ass’n
for Jewish Education, since 1943; sec’y 1927, pres. 1929, Na t l Council for
Jewish Education; chief ed.
Jewish Education
, since 1934; d. New York, N. Y.,
Dec. 24, 1944.
R o s e n b l o o m , J u d a h L e i b ,
rabbi, scholar; b. Warsaw, Poland; came to U. S.
1923; rabbi Poland, for 37 yrs.; in U. S., congs. Denver, Colo.; authority on
Talmud; author of manuscripts on rabbinic discourse of the Babylonian
Talmud; aged 82; d. Denver, Colo., Jan. 8, 1945.
S t e r n , N a t h a n ,
rabbi; b. New York, N. Y., Feb. 12, 1878; educ. Columbia U. ,
Cambridge U., England, Jewish Theological Seminary of Am., and Hebrew
Union College; occupied pulpits in Trenton,
N .
J. , 1904-10, Providence, R. I.,
1910-15, and West End Syn., New York, 1915-43; library commissioner,
Trenton; lecturer Hebrew and biblical lit., Brown U.; past pres. N. Y. Bd.
Jewish Ministers; author of “The Jewish Historico-Critical School of 19th
Century” ; contributor to
Jewish Encyclopedia
; d. New York,
N .
Y., Jan. 24,
W e r f e l , F r a n z ,
poet, novelist, playwright;
b .
Prague, Austria-Hungary, Sept. 10,
1890; came to U. S. 1940; author, among others, of “ Forty Days of Musa
Dagh,” “Song of Bernadette,” and “The Eternal Road,” a dramatization of