Page 116 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 5 (1946-1947)

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biblical and post-biblical Jewish history; awarded Schiller Prize in 1927; hon.
member Na t l Inst i tute of Arts and Letters, 1943; d. Hollywood, Calif.
Aug. 26, 1945.
W o l f e n s o n ,
Louis B., educator; b. La Crosse, Wis., Jan. 4, 1882; instructor
1908-11, asst. prof. 1911-22, Semitic languages and Hellenistic Greek, U. of
Wisconsin, and chmn. Semitic dept. 1914-22; prof. Hebrew and cognate
languages, Hebrew Union College, 1922-24; supt. Home for Jewish Childien,
Boston, Mass., 1924-30; exec. dir. Jewish orphanage, Providence, R. I., 1930-
33; active in communal affairs; organizer, a t Wisconsin U., and pres., Jewish
Student Assn; author of book and articles on biblical and literary subjects;
d. Providence, R. I., Mar. 21, 1945.
A d l e r , M i c h a e l ,
rabbi, author; b. London, England, 1868; served Hammer-
smith Syn. 1890-1903, Central Syn. 1903-34, minister emeritus since 1934;
senior Jewish chaplain, France, 1915-18; v.-pres., ed.,
of Jewish
Historical Society; author of several books; d. London, England, Sept. 30,1944.
A l t m a n n , A d o l f ,
rabbi; b. Hunsdorf, Hungary; rabbi Trier, Germany; ed. Zionist
paper; writer of Zionist pamphlets; author of books on Jewish history, philos-
ophy, sermons, poems; executed by Nazis, Oswiecim, Poland, 1944.
A m i e l , M o s h e A v i g d o r ,
rabbi, scholar, author; b. Porozhova, Poland, 1883;
settled in Belgium 1920; chief rabbi Antwerp 1920-36; went to Palestine
1936; rabbi Tel Aviv, Jaffa districts, since 1936; founder Yeshivath Hayishuv
Hachadash, first rabbinical academy in modern Palestine to use Hebrew as
language of instruction; author of works, in Hebrew, on Jewish law and lore,
political commentaries, etc., and of eight vols. of collected sermons, trans-
lated into German, French, Dutch, and Yiddish; d. Tel Aviv, Palestine,
Mar. 28, 1945.
C u t l e r , S h l o m o N o s o n ,
rabbi; b. Lithuania; lived in U.
S . ;
went to Palestine
1933; rabbi in Lithuania, New York, Detroit, and other communities in U.
S . ;
talmudic scholar; author of two books, in Hebrew, and many articles; aged
90; d. Jerusalem, Palestine, Feb. 8, 1945.
D a i c h e s , S a l i s ,
rabbi, educator; b. Vilna, Russia, 1880; went to England 1904;
educ. Germany; rabbi congs. England; Edinburgh, Scotland, since 1918; lec-
turer Jews’ College, 1908; active in Jewish communal life; v.-pres. Zionist
Fed. of Gt. Britain and Ireland; v.-pres. Conference of Anglo-Jewish Preachers;
first chmn. Scottish area Council for Jewish Education; author of “Aspects of
Judaism ,” collection of pamphlets and essays; d. Edinburgh, Scotland, May 2,
D u s c h i n s k y ,
Jacob C h a r l e s . (Kopp e l ) , rabbi, historian, author; b. Namesto ,
went to England
educ. Germany; rabbi Kostel, Moravia;
author o f books and articles on Anglo-Jewish history and biography; fellow
Royal Historical Society, England,
d. London, England, July
13, 1944
E p s t e i n , S h a c h n o ,
communist worker, editor; b. Russia; in U.
S .
1907-17, 1921-
27; active in revolutionary movement in Russia; exec, secy Jewish anti-
Fascist Com. U.
S . S .
R.; socialist, communist writer, editor, for 40 yrs.; a
founder, ed.,
, New York', communist Yiddish newspaper; aged 64:
d. Moscow, U. S. S. R. , July 21, 1945.
H e i l p e r i n , F a l k ,
author, educator; b. Nesvizh, Russia, 1876; went to Palestine
1938; teacher since 1904; advocate of Yiddish as language of instruction; in-
structor schools, Hebrew and Yiddish, in a number of large cities, including.