Page 117 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 5 (1946-1947)

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Jewish Teachers Seminary, Vilno; organized model school in Tambov; ed.
first children’s magazine in Yiddish; writer of books, including textbooks in
Yiddish and Hebrew; translator; publisher of books for children; d. Jerusalem,
Palestine, Mar. 8, 1945.
J a c o b , B e n n o ,
rabbi, Bible scholar; b. Breslau, Germany, 1862; rabbi Dortmund,
for over 25 yrs.; author of commentary on Book of Genesis, and other reli-
gious works; d. London, England, Jan. 31, 1945.
K a n n , J a c o b u s H e n r i c u s ,
banker, Zionist worker; b. The Hague, Netherlands,
July 12, 1872; founder Jewish Colonial Trust , Anglo-Palestine Bank; mem.
Zionist exec., 1905-11; Netherlands consul in Jerusalem, 1923-27; Knight of
Order of the Lion of the Netherlands; author of books on Palestine; d. in
concentration camp at Terezin; (reptd.) Mar. 18, 1945.
K r o y a n k e r , G u s t a v ,
author; active Zionist in pre-Hitler Germany; went to
Palestine 1932; ed.
, newspaper in Palestine; affiliated with Hebrew
U.; aged 54; d. Jerusalem, Palestine, June 11, 1945.
L a s k e r - S c h i e l e r , E l s e ,
poet; b. Elberfeld, Germany, 1876; went to Palestine
1938; author of several volumes of lyric poems, including “Hebrew Ballads,”
“The Wonder Rabbi of Barcelona,” etc.; recipient of Kleist prize, 1932,
highest literary award in pre-Hitler Germany; d. Jerusalem, Palestine, Jan. 22,
M a y e r o w i t s c h , H e r m a n n ,
cantor; b. Derazina, Ukraine, 1882; went to England
after 1918; educ. Vienna, Austria; prof. singing, Seminary, Vienna; cantor
synagogue Vienna, for 8 yrs., Great Syn. London, since 1921; lecturer chazan-
uth, Jews’ College; pres. Chazanim Assn; author of “Oneg Shabbos,” anthol-
ogy of ancient Hebrew table songs; lecturer on Jewish music; d. London,
Nov. 29, 1945.
O r s h a n s k y , B e r ,
author; b. Horodok, Russia, 1883; on staff of Yiddish news-
papers and periodicals in Vilno, Vitebsk; ed.
Minsk, a Jewish daily;
author of plays, “Der Ebiger Cholom,” “ Die Erste Zunenstrahlen,” “Anna ,” ;
literary essays, stories, “A Zummer Nacht in Dorf,” “ Der Kempfer,” and
novels, including “Chwales” ; active in Jewish communist movement; d. Mos-
cow, U. S. S. R.,
Dec. 3, 1945.
P o l s k y , H y m a n ,
journalist; b. near Grodno, Russia, 1875; went to England in
early youth; settled in Union of So. Africa 1910; ed.
Der Afrikaner,
burg, since 1911; contributor to other periodicals, London and New York,
Jewish Morning Journal
; d. Berea, at Johannesburg, Union of So.
Africa, June 24, 1944.
Rab inow i tz , A l e x a n d e r S i skind , author; b. Liady, Russia,
went to Pales-
Hebrew teacher Poltava, Russia,
Jaffa and Tel Av iv ,
in Palestine; writer, in Hebrew and Russian,
sketches o f Jewish life, essays;
author o f history
Jews in
vols. used as textbook in schools, a history o f
Jews in Palest ine, history
Hebrew literature; translator; editor; act ive in
Jewish labor movement in Palestine; d. Tel Aviv, Palest ine, Sept.
10, 1945.
R o s e n t h a l , H a r r y L o u i s ,
Hebrew scholar; b. Poland; went to England 18695
author of “Sod Kedoshim,” commentary on prophecies of Daniel; aged 85;
d. Manchester, England, (reptd.) Nov. 23, 1945.
R u b i n , S i m o n ,
Hebrew scholar, writer; b. Austria; author of comparative studies
in Talmudic and Roman law, the Bible and culture of modern times; aged 79;
d. Leeds, England; (reptd.) Jan. 25, 1945.
S h a p i r o , A b r a h a m
Dov, rabbi, Kovno, Lithuania; author of Halachic and Agadic
works, incl. some in manuscript; aged 70; killed by Nazis, Kovno, Lithuania;
(reptd.) Jan. 1945.