Page 122 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 5 (1946-1947)

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Workers, National Federation of Temple Youth, Canadian Jewish
Congress, National Council of YMHA’s in Canada, and B’nai
B’rith Hillel Foundation.
During Jewish Book Month and particularly on Jewish Book Sab-
bath, November 10th, 194
5,Parshat Toledot
, hundreds of congrega-
tions throughout the United States and Canada heard sermons by
their rabbis which emphasized Jewish literary activities with the
aim of stimulating an awareness of Jewish cultural values. With
the cooperation of the Synagogue Council of America, letters were
sent to approximately 1,500 Orthodox, Conservative and Reform
rabbis informing them of our program. Hundreds replied advising
us of their participation in Jewish Book Month and requesting
publications and supplies. I t is interesting to note that the major-
ity of the reports indicated that in connection with the various
programs and exhibits, books were sold or distributed as prizes
and awards and presented to local Jewish and public libraries.
The Jewish Center Division of the JWB included in its publica-
tion, Program Aids, a section with detailed reports on how centers
participated in Jewish Book Month in 1944. I t also addressed a
special communication to presidents and executive directors of
local centers, calling upon their institutions to actively participate
in the project.
Especially gratifying was the participation of the public libraries
in the observances of Jewish Book Month. As a result of publicity
in the
Library Journal
Publisher s Weekly
, and the
Wilson Library
as well as direct mail communication with two hundred
and fifty public libraries in large communities, requests for Jewish
Book Month material were received from approximately six hun-
dred public libraries. A helpful stimulant was the pamphlet,
Book Month in Public Libraries
, issued by the Council prior to
Jewish Book Month. I t contains valuable suggestions and a se-
lected bibliography to meet the practical needs of public libraries
in arranging appropriate programs for Jewish Book Month. As a
result a surprisingly large number of libraries that had not pre-
viously participated in Jewish Book Month reported the arrange-
ment of exhibits, special programs and participation in local
Jewish events.
The following bureaus of Jewish education were responsible for
developing the interest of local Jewish schools in the observance
of Jewish Book Month: The Bureau of Jewish Education of Phila-
delphia, The Bureau of Jewish Education of Omaha, Nebraska,
The Philadelphia Board of Jewish Education of the United Syna-
gogue of America. Several hundred schools were encouraged to par-
ticipate in the project by the Jewish Education Committee of New
York who requested the Jewish Book Council to send a circular