Page 123 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 5 (1946-1947)

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letter to 550 schools in Greater New York. The Jewish Education
Committee was also responsible for the outstanding exhibit ar-
ranged in the 92nd Street YMHA, under the auspices of the
Metropolitan Chapter of the Jewish Book Council. Classes from
many schools visited the exhibit and participated in special pro-
grams arranged for them.
The Army and Navy Division of the National Jewish Welfare
Board used its resources to intensify participation on the part of
Jewish members of the armed forces in the observance of Jewish
Book Month. Jewish chaplains in the United States and overseas,
as well as JWB-USO workers, conducted special programs to
arouse the interest of the Jewish members of the armed forces in
the message of Jewish Book Month. A special program service was
issued which contained reports of projects executed during the
previous year by Jewish chaplains and JWB-USO workers.
In Jewish Bookland
— Published bi-monthly by the Council,
it was a new addition to the English-Jewish press in the year 1945.
In Jewish Bookland
is intended to call attention to the cultural
interest of the Jewish people in the United States and to the great
task they face of continuing the literary traditions of the destroyed
Jewish communities of Europe.
I t also aims to bring to the fore the literaryTcontribution of
Jews in the English, Hebrew and Yiddish languages. The publica-
tion is helpful to reviewers in the selection of books of Jewish
interest, as well as Jewish themes in books of general interest.
Under the capable editorship of Dr. Mortimer J. Cohen, noted
literary critic and author, it has met with wide acclaim and is
being distributed to members of the National Committee of the
Council, rabbis, executive directors of Jewish Centers, Jewish
chaplains, USO-JWB field directors, national Jewish organizations,
English-Jewish press and Jewish Center publications. Its present
circulation is that of 4,000 copies. However, hundreds of requests
for inclusion in the mailing list were received from organizations
and individuals.
In addition to Dr. Cohen, the editorial advisory committee
consists of Philip Goodman, Dr. Solomon Grayzel, Louis Ritten-
berg, Solomon Kerstein and Moshe Starkman.
Some Books of Jewish Interest
— A booklist containing one hun-
dred titles for adults. Four thousand copies were printed and
Jewish Books for Your Home
— By Dr. Solomon Grayzel, in-