Page 124 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 5 (1946-1947)

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eludes an article describing the books listed. Three thousand copies
have been made available.
Jewish Life in Many Lands
— By Miss Iva Cohen, of the
Library of The American Jewish Committee. A specialized bibliog-
raphy intended to satisfy the growing interest in the current status
and future of world Jewry. Three thousand copies have been
made available.
The Talmud
— A Reading List, prepared by Rabbi I. Edward
Kiev, Librarian of the Jewish Institute of Religion. One thousand
copies have been distributed. Some organizations reprinted these
lists in part or in whole. Others have used them to augment private
and community libraries. While single copies of the lists were
made available without charge, requests for large quantities were
filled at a nominal rate.
About Jewish Books
— Compiled and edited by Philip Goodman.
A new publication, this booklet includes stories, poems, songs and
articles in English, Hebrew and Yiddish. Other program items in
the book are questions and answers, humor, games, radio broad-
casts and quotations. 1,500 copies of this publication were printed
and approximately 1,300 copies were distributed in 1945. Reac-
tions to this publication have been generally favorable
Programs for Jewish Book Month
— This 32 page booklet is a
revised and enlarged edition of last year’s booklet. I t contains
suggestions for activities and projects for (a) coordinated commu-
nity; (b) local institutions, that is, centers, synagogues, Jewish
schools and public libraries; (c) small groups, classes, clubs and
special activity groups, and (d) private homes. Due to an unprece-
dented demand, it was necessary to increase the original printing
order for 4,000 copies by an additional thousand.
Jewish Book Month Poster
— The illustration used in 1944 was
reproduced for the poster, designed by Mitchell Loeb and pro-
duced by Arthur Rosenberg, chairman of the Poster Committee.
Seven thousand copies were printed and the entire supply was
exhausted by the middle of November, 1945.
— 75,000 bookmarks with a reproduction of the offi-
cial poster and several slogans, were printed and distributed.
Report on Jewish Book Month in 1944
— A 70 page summary of
the Jewish Book Month activities of the previous year, sponsored
by the Council and cooperating agencies.
Annual Report For 1945
— The Annual Report for 1945 which
revealed an intensified program of the Council was well received.
The report was distributed to key leaders throughout the
Jewish Book Month in Public Libraries
— This pamphlet, a new
publication, was prepared by Gertrude Finkel, librarian, Hamilton