Page 125 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 5 (1946-1947)

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Fish Park Branch, N. Y. Public Library, with an introduction by
Dr. Joshua Bloch. I t contains valuable suggestions and a selected
bibliography to meet the needs of public libraries in arranging
appropriate programs for Jewish Book Month. As a result of list-
ings in the professional journals for libraries, and a circular dis-
tributed to 300 public and college libraries throughout the country,
requests were received for 700 additional copies.
People of the Book
— A six page leaflet printed for the purposes
of stimulating the organization of local chapters in the Council
and acquainting interested parties with our program. I t contains
a presentation of aims and activities of the Council and a list of
its publications.
Appreciation is herewith expressed to Dr. Joshua Bloch for his
firre contribution as chairman of the publications committee of
the Council.
Jewish Book Annual 1945-46 {5706)
— The fourth volume of the
Jewish Book Annual made its appearance in 1945. The editors
were Louis Rittenberg, English section, Dr. P. Churgin, Hebrew
section, and Moshe Starkman, Yiddish section. Consisting of 280
pages, the Annual was published both in a paper and a cloth
Representatives of national organizations recommended that
the Executive Board take steps to initiate the organization of
additional local chapters of the Jewish Book Council. A memo-
randum of suggestions for organizing local chapters was prepared
for this purpose. In addition to communities that have had local
chapters in the past, the following communities were organized
and conducted programs during Jewish Book Month: New York,
N. Y., Washington, D. C., Philadelphia, Pa., Baltimore, Md.,
and Miami, Fla.
Other communities are in the process of organization.
In line with the policy of constant stimulation of interest in
Jewish books, a new service to the English Jewish press was in-
augurated during the year under review. Feature articles written
by Solomon Grayzel, Jacob S. Minkin, Rabbi Abraham H. Israel-
itan, Trude Weiss-Rosmarin, Mortimer J. Cohen, Bernard Heller,
Julius H. Greenstone and Joshua Bloch were released monthly.
In closing this brief summary of the wide-spread and intensified
activity of the Jewish Book Council of America, it is fitting that
a word of gratitude be expressed to my colleagues on the staff of
the National Jewish Welfare Board, who have been most coopera-
tive in every phase of our activity. The constant guidance and
sincere devotion to our work of the officers and members of the
executive board of the Jewish Book Council and especially our
loyal president, has constituted an additional source of strength.