Page 127 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 5 (1946-1947)

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He also points out that the Hebrew literature of Palestine is the
literature of a “living people that dwells in its land.”
Hebrew Literature in America in 5706
, by ‘Ain Hakore’, tells that,
as in the previous year, the largest number of contributions were
made in the field of rabbinic literature; a substantial number of
literary classics previously unavailable being reproduced by the
process of photo-offset. The Hebrew weekly, monthly and annual
periodicals that appeared during the year are also noted by the
author. In the English Section of this
Among the Recent
Hebrew Books
, by Jacob Kabakoff, we find a similar review of
contributions of the year both in Palestine and America.
Educational Literature
, by Menahem M. Edelstein, is a bibliog-
raphy of works published during the last few years in the U. S. A.
and Palestine. While it is not all-inclusive because of war-time
difficulties, it will serve as a guide to those concerned with Jewish
education. I t is interesting to note that 28 educational works ap-
peared in the U. S.
Selected Zionist Literature in Hebrew
, by Hayyim Leaf, includes
the works on Zionism that have appeared during the past 60 years.
The bibliography is divided into four sections as follows: the Zion-
ist and nationalist movements; biography; anthologies; and history
of Zionism. Much of the material has been prepared for children
and youth. Leaf indicates the need for further bibliographical
publications in this field.
30th Anniversary of the Histadruth Ivrith
(Hebrew Culture
Federation of America), by Mordecai Halevi, recently appointed
executive director of that organization, is a tribute to the growing
influence of the Histadruth Ivrith in the life of the American
Jewish community. Since its inception in 1916 by a handful of
devotees of Hebraism, the Histadruth Ivrith has attained a singu-
lar niche in the Jewish life of this country as the central agency
for advancing Hebrew culture, and Hebrew as a spoken, living
language. This organization sponsors various publications, notably
the only weekly Hebrew periodical published in this country,
Others are: the
Hadoar Lanoar
, a children’s magazine,
and the
Musaf Lakorei Hatzair
, a periodical for young people.
Among its manifold activities for youth, the organization conducts
a Hebrew speaking summer camp, and sponsors a successful pro-
gram of Hebrew arts which includes a theatre, music, crafts and
dance groups. The author concludes by expressing the hope that
in the near future America will become a true Hebrew cultural
center worthy of that name.
The publishing agency of the Histadruth Ivrith called
issued many Hebrew books of exceptional merit during the 18 years
of its existence. Ogen has established itself as an initial link in the