Page 130 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 5 (1946-1947)

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Lehrer. He presents a survey of all the publications of
from 1925 to the present, and gives a complete listing of
the books suitable for adults and children. He points out that the
external, artistic typography of the publications is a contribution
to Jewish bookmaking.
N. Chanin is the author of
Arbeiter Ring Farlag
Circle Publishing House). In his article, he points out that al-
though the
was founded only a decade ago, the Arbeiter
Ring has been publishing books for some thirty years. With the
establishment of the publishing house, a systematic plan was
adopted to provide for the publishing of both children’s and adults’
books. In addition to the issuance of approximately forty books
for children, it has published works for adults by A. Litvak,
P. Schwartz, M. Osherowitz and Abraham Raisin, among others.
The yearly contribution to the Annual by Moses Kligsberg of
the Yiddish Scientific Institute is the
Bibliography of Yiddish
June 1945-May
. This listing includes practically
all books in Yiddish published during the above period.
The Reviews of Yiddish Books
, compiled by M. Hezkuni, which
have been culled from the Yiddish daily press and periodicals,
will serve as a guide to Yiddish readers to some of the better
recent works. This section includes reviews of Yiddish books pub-
lished in North and South America, South Africa and Poland.
From the reviews it will be noted that most of the books of poetry
deal with the Jewish tragedy during the years of the war and call
for a cultural reconstruction on the ashes of the destroyed Jewish
life of Europe.