Page 14 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 5 (1946-1947)

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The National Jewish Welfare Board has continued to act as the
sponsor-coordinator of the Jewish Book Council’s activities. As
time goes on the relationship between the Council and the Board
is becoming more intimate. We are grateful for the opportunity
which the JWB is giving us to serve the Jewish community.
On behalf of the Book Council, I express appreciation to the
contributors of the various articles in all three sections and to
Mr. Arthur Szyk for his cooperativeness in the ma t ter of the cover
design of the paper-bound copies which the Council is using for
its poster during Jewish Book Month.
The legend within Mr. Szyk’s design, taken from the ethical
will of Judah ibn Tibbon, says “Books shall be thy companions.”
The Jewish Book Council was created to make this sentiment
popular now even as it used to be among the Jews in the past.
We are living in an age in the history of the Jewish people which
demands strength, self-sacrifice and heroism. Now, more than
ever before, books — especially Jewish books in whatever language
— can give us the necessary solace and inspiration. I t is our con-
viction tha t books are the tools by means of which a strong, crea-
tive Jewish community can be built in this country for the cul-
tural stimulation of America as well as American Jews. In this
effort we bespeak the cooperation of all those to whom Jewish
life and Jewish culture, in a sense synonymous, are precious.