Page 26 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 5 (1946-1947)

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The Brooklyn Jewish Center issued an interesting
Jubilee book
in commemoration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of its founding
(Brooklyn, N. Y., 1946). I t is a worthwhile contribution to local
Jewish historiography.
A notable contribution to the literature of American Jewish
history is the volume entitled
Fighting fo r America
; a record of
the participation of Jewish men and women in the armed forces
during 1944, edited by L. Roy Blumenthal (New York, National
Jewish Welfare Board, 1945). When this record is completed by
the publication of additional volumes it will form a remarkable
chapter in the history of Jewish patriotic service in America.
A pictorial history, with some text, of Jews in America and their
contribution to different branches of our civilization is offered in
The Jew in American life
by James Waterman Wise; preface by
Eleanor Roosevelt (New York, Messner, 1946). The modest
publication entitled
The Jews in American history
1654-1865 by
Philip S. Foner (New York, International Publishers, 1946) deals
with the par t played by Jews in the American fight for freedom.
The place in American life of eminent Jewish men and women from
Paul Muni and Fannie Hurs t to Stephen S. Wise and Louis D.
Brandeis, is described in
Distinguished American Jews
, edited by
Philip Henry Lotz (New York, Association Press, 1945). I t forms
the sixth volume in the series Creative Personalities. An at trac-
tively gotten-up, well-written and informative pamphlet on
in American life
by Jacob R. Marcus (New York, 1945), was
issued and widely distributed by the American Jewish Committee.
In it the learned professor of Jewish history at the Hebrew Union
College offers an admirable description of the Jewish role in
American life. Very interesting is the chapter on “Jews in Wilson’s
administration” in
The Wilson era
; years of war and after, 1917-
1923 by Josephus Daniels (Chapel Hill, University of Nor th
Carolina Press, 1946). The Jews in America are not neglected
in tha t small but readable and informative publication
The story
of the Jewish people
; a short history of the Jews from earliest days
to modern times (New York, 1945) which the National Jewish
Welfare Board issued as No. 5 of its Jewish information series.
The movement for the settlement in Palestine of a hundred
thousand Jews now in European camps for displaced persons has
given new meaning to the implications of Zionism and created new
interest in the welfare of Palestine. Much has been writ ten about
the trials and tribulations of those persons and the role Palestine