Page 27 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 5 (1946-1947)

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can play in their rehabilitation to normalcy. Moving are the
arguments of Victor Gollancz in his
Nowhere to lay their heads
the Jewish tragedy in Europe and its solution (New York, Amer-
ican Palestine Committee, 1945). In the vast ou tput of literature
bearing upon the problems connected with the movement there
is an important volume issued by the American Zionist Emergency
Council devoted to the
Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry
Balfour Declaration, Palestine Mandate, American British Pales-
tine mandate convention, resolutions of Congress, British white
papers, and other relevant documents relating to the establishment
of the national home for the Jewish people, 1917-1945 (New York,
1946). Impor tant for the understanding of the point of view of
those who defend the political aspects of the ultimate aim of these
documents is the new edition of
The ,Jewish state
by Theodor
Herzl, a classic in Zionist literature, an English translation of
which was also issued by the American Zionist Emergency Council
(New York, 1946). I t represents an at temp t at a modern solution
of the Jewish question and is provided with a biography of the
author, based on the work of Alex Bein, and an introduction by
Louis Lipsky. I t was published in commemoration of the fiftieth
anniversary of the appearance of
Der Judenstaat
(Vienna, Feb-
ruary 14, 1896). The more practical problems connected with the
current Jewish interest in Palestine are completely surveyed in
Palestine', problem and promise
; an economic study by Robert
Roy Nathan , Oscar Gass, Daniel Creamer (Washington, D. C.,
Public Affairs Press, 1946). I t offers a comprehensive analysis
of modern Palestine and its economic possibilities made by the
American Palestine Insti tute. Subjects such as the natural re-
sources, agriculture, industry, immigration and government of the
land are treated as they refer to economic questions. These and
many other subjects are also discussed in the new and revised
edition of the late Abraham Revusky’s
Jews in Palestine
York, Bloch, 1945). Quite dignified is
The Jewish case
; the place
of Palestine in the solution of the Jewish question (New York,
American Zionist Emergency Council, 1945). Strong support for
this case is furnished by Frank Gervasi in his
To whom Palestine?
(New York, Appleton-Century, 1946). The author, a newspaper
correspondent, considers the argument for Jews, Arabs and the
British and decides “ for a Jewish Palestine.”
Trouble Zone
brewing point of World War I I I? by Leon Dennen contains an
interesting chapter on “ Palestine and the Jews” in which much
light is cast on prsent conditions in the Holy Land. A brief dis-
cussion by Grant S. McClellan of
and America’s role
in the Middle Eas t was issued by the Foreign Policy Association
(New York, 1945). I t forms no. 8 of the 21st volume of Foreign