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American Jewish Conference published a report to its delegates
The Jewish position at the United Nations Conference on Inter-
national organization
(New York, 1945) and a volume of
ceedings of the second session
. . . edited by Alexander S. Kohanski
(New York, 1945). I t contains minutes of plenary meetings and
committee reports on the rescue and post-war hopes of European
Jews־. A study of the various references to human rights and
freedoms found in the charter of the United Nations and an inter-
pretation of the obligations of each nation is offered by Jacob
Robinson in his
Human rights and fundamental freedoms
York, Inst itute of Jewish Affairs, 1946). Similar problems are
also surveyed in various Committee reports presented at the fifty-
sixth annual convention of the Central Conference of American
Rabbis. They are published, together with other important
material, in volume 55 of its
Year Book
(Cincinnati, 1946). The
Jewish Publication Society of America issued the forty-seventh
volume of
The American Jewish Year Book
5706: 1945-46 (Phila*
delphia, 1945), which despite inherent defects remains an in-
dispensable work of reference. The Jewish Book Council of
America under the sponsorship of the National Jewish Welfare
Board by issuing the fourth volume of the
Jewish Book Annual
(New York, 1945) made available a wealth of knowledge and lore
on books and their place in Jewish life. The first volume of
Palestine year book
5706 edited by Sophie A. Udin, (Washington,
Zionist Organization of America, 1945) is rich in information on
Jewish life in Palestine, on Zionism in America and contains
directories of Zionist and pro-Palestine organizations as well as
bibliographies. Quite informative is the popularly written and
attractively gotten up series of pamphlets on
Jewish Affairs
is issued, twice monthly except July and August, by the Office of
Jewish Information of the American Jewish Congress. They
deal with a variety of subjects of contemporary Jewish interest
and “ are designed to bring to the widest Jewish audience the most
recent, authoritative information on all aspects of Jewish life and
the whole range of Jewish interest.”
The contents of the nineteenth volume of the
Hebrew Union
College Annual
(Cincinnati, 1946) maintains the high standard of
scholarship which has justly given tha t publication the respectable
position which it occupies in the field of Jewish learning. The
two jubilee volumes issued by the American Academy of Jewish
Research in honor of Professor Louis Ginzberg are rich in studies
in various branches of Jewish learning. The Academy also issued
the fifteenth volume of its
(New York, 1945). The
New York Public Library published a very useful contribution to
the literature dealing with Hebrew typography entitled
A gazetteer