Page 73 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 5 (1946-1947)

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Judaea Lives Again
, form the prolific pen of Mr. Norman
Bentwich (Gollancz), deals fully with Palestine in the 19th
century and after; with Jews and Judaism in modern times, and
with the remarkable achievements of the Yishuv in all spheres of
life. He dwells also on the political aspects, including the Arab
problem, and ends with a hopeful note on the regeneration of
Judaism. In
Jewish Youth Cotnes Home
(Gollancz), Mr. Norman
Bentwich tells the story — and a thrilling story it is — of the
Youth Aliyah, covering the period from 1933 to 1942. The
striking figure of Henrietta Szold, her work and achievements,
stands out in this volume, as does the Yishuv’s effort in the saving
of young Jewish lives.
Soldiers From Judaea
(Gollancz), by Rabbi L. Rabinowitz —־
now Chief Rabbi of South Africa — is a dramatic narrative of the
experiences and reflections of one who was formerly senior Jewish
chaplain of the Eighth Army. I t is a vivid account of Jewish
deeds in the war and of Jewish heroism.
His Terrible Swift Sword
(Gollancz), by the Very Rev. Dr. Norman Maclean, formerly
Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland
(who lived in Palestine), is an expression of admiration for Jewish
efforts in that country and, at the same time, a bitter indictment
of the British Administration for its negative attitude towards the
The Jewish Struggle
, by Ben-Jacob (Allen & Unwin), is a
useful presentation of some aspects of the Jewish position and of
Jewish nationalism.
The Economic Development of the Middle East
,** by Dr. A.
Bonne (Kegan Paul, Trench and Trubner), is an outline of planned
reconstruction, in which special attention is given to Palestine.
Jewish Labour Economy in Palestine
, by Muenzner (Gollancz), is
a close study of the contributions of the Jewish Labor Federation
to Jewish economy and contains vital facts on all the forms of
Jewish colonization and everything connected with it. A more
popular and more general account of the Zionist Labor movement
is given in
The Jews and Palestine
, by Dr. S. Levenberg (Poalei
Zion). Well documented and ably presented, it is a useful reference
Britain Opens A Gateway
, by S. S. Perry (Museum Press),
stresses the moral and strategic importance of a Jewish Palestine
to Britain.
A most comprehensive work in Zionist literature is
The Zionist
(Frederic Muller Ltd.), from the very industrious pen
of Mr. Israel Cohen. I t is a complete up-to-date history of the
*Also published in the U. S.
**To be published soon in theJU. S.