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and perhaps even other literary works in Spanish prior to their
conversion. Some as yet isolated evidence of this is revealed
in singular examples of Spanish poems composed not by
but by Jews, for instance, in the
of the fifteenth
century. When the history of Jewish literature in medieval Spain
is finally written, account will have to be taken also of such
things as the survival of medieval Spanish ballads and poems
among the later Sefardic Jews, as evidence of general Jewish
awareness of and participation in medieval literature.
Just as the origin of the Spanish language owed much to Jew­
ish contributions through such things as the early medieval
translations of biblical texts, followed by the translation of sci­
entific and philosophical works as well as the composition in
Spanish of original works, so the indirect contribution, at least,
of themes and motifs to Spanish literature, and finally the de­
velopment of the “new style” of fifteenth-century expression,
were important ways in which the Jews in part repaid the land
which for centuries had nurtured them and which they honored
with the term traditionally reserved for the Holy Land, “land
of glory”
(erets ha-tsevi).
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