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volume with an article on the Central Zionist Archives located
in Jerusalem, his place of residence since his retirement. More
power to him.
A special feature of our anniversary volume is the Cumulative
Index to Volumes 1-50 which has now been provided. Our pre­
vious indexes covered Vols. 1-25 and Vols. 26-40 respectively.
Thanks to computer technology we were able to scan these in­
dexes and to add to them the entries for vols. 41-50. What has
emerged from this process is an integrated author and title in­
dex which enables the reader and researcher to make efficient
use of the varied material contained in the Annual.
The fifty-year span of our index is a period which offers con­
siderable insight into the development and progress of our lit­
erature. Even the names of the authors and the subjects dis­
cussed provide useful information on the course of our literary
activity. In various cases also the index serves as a record of
the contributions and scholarly interests of the writers. Refer­
ences to various field-spanning surveys of our literary creativity
are indicative of the remarkable growth that we have witnessed
in many areas.
During the half century under review there were many oc­
casions for summing up and evaluating Jewish literary advances.
It will not be amiss to refer the reader to a number of volumes
that have made special contributions in this regard. Vol. 9
(1950-51) offered surveys of fifty years of trilingual literary ef­
fort. In Vol. 12 (1953-55) an entire section of articles and bib­
liographies summed up American Jewish literary accomplish­
ments on the occasion of the Tercentenary celebration. The
10th anniversary of the establishment of the Jewish State re­
ceived special treatment in a series of articles published in Vol.
16 (1958-59).
The 25th anniversary of the Annual was marked by the pub­
lication of an enlarged jubilee Vol. 25 (1967-68), which con­
tained an augmented section of survey and evaluation articles.
In addition, it commemorated the awarding of the Nobel Prize
to S.Y. Agnon and Nelly Sachs. The Bicentennial celebration
called forth a special section of survey articles and bibliographies
concerning the Jewish book in America in Vol. 33 (1975-76).