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Finally, mention should be made of the articles devoted to the
centennial of East European immigration that appeared in Vol.
38 (1981-82).
All the above-mentioned features are proudly recalled on the
occasion of our golden anniversary. When taken together with
the regular roster of articles that cover a wide variety of literary
activity, from belles-lettres and booklore to Jewish writing the
world over and specialized bibliographies, they bespeak a sus­
tained effort to draw strength from the Jewish book.
It is with profound regret that we record the passing of Rob­
ert Gordis on January 3, 1992. Dr. Gordis, who served as the
president of the Jewish Book Council during 1980-82, was a
rare combination of scholar-academician and thinker who was
as equally adept at dealing with present-day Jewish problems
as with difficult biblical texts. That he gave leadership to the
Council was testimony to his sense of communal responsibility
and his cultural awareness. We are saddened also by the death
of Nathan M. Kaganoff on February 4, 1992. Dr. Kaganoff,
who for three decades served as the librarian of the American
Jewish Historical Society, was a regular contributor of articles
and bibliographies to the Annual. For the past 14 years he p re­
pared the annual bibliography of American Hebrew books and
his expertise extended not only to American Jewish history but
also to rabbinic literature.
We express our appreciation to the officers of the Jewish
Book Council and its director for their encouragement and help
in planning this special volume. Our profound thanks go to
all the contributors who have enriched our volume with articles
and bibliographies and have helped maintain its traditional tri­
lingual character. The seven listings of our literary output in
America, Europe and Israel, cover broadly the period between
April 15, 1991 and April 15, 1992.
On the occasion of its silver jubilee the Jewish Book Council
saw fit to dedicate its 25th volume of JBA to the JCC Association
in grateful appreciation of its sponsorship and support. We are
happy on this golden anniversary again to express our gratitude
for this cooperative relationship. In 1944 the JCC Association
had the vision to take the Council under its wing and it has