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Selected Jewish and Southern Writers.
Amherst: U o f Mass. Press,
1986. 155 p.
Nine essays on Jewish and Southern writers. A study o f the
movement o f Southern and Jewish writers from positions o f mar­
ginality toward centrality by examining their “strong texts” and
the ways they “gained social access to the institutions o f cultural
dominance.” Author uses current critical theories in his analysis
o f such writers as Abraham Cahan, Michael Gold, Saul Bellow,
and I.B. Singer.
D em bo ,
The Monological Jew: A Literary Study.
Madison: U o f Wis­
consin P, 1988. 196 p.
A study o f American Jewish literature from a point o f view de­
rived from Martin Buber and Mikhail Bakhtin. Taking a synchron­
ic approach, the author attempts to define a paradigm which he
calls monologism. It refers to “a Jew o f the Diaspora who has
abandoned monotheism but who, having thus removed the mind
and soul o f Judaism, still feels himself to be a Jew — and yet not
a Jew.” He includes such writers as Charles Reznikoff, Edward
Wallant, Abraham Cahan, and Chaim Potok.
F i e d l e r , L e s l ie .
Fiedler on the Roof.
Boston: D.R. Godine, 1991. 184
Twelve essays and lectures on literature and Jewish identity tak­
en from his writings o f the 1970s and 1980s.
F r ied , L ew is ,
Handbook of American-Jewish Literature: An Analytical
Guide to Topics, Themes, and Sources.
New York: Greenwood, 1988.
539 p.
A history and criticism o f American literature by Jewish authors.
Analysis o f how Jews are portrayed in that literature. Includes
G ir g u s , Sam
The New Covenant: Jewish Writers and the American Idea.
Chapel Hill: U o f North Carolina P, 1984. 220 p.
Questions how Jewish history was transformed by the idea o f
America and analyzes representative writers such as Henry Roth,
Anzia Yezierska, Philip Roth, Abraham Cahan, Bernard Malamud,
Norman Mailer, and E.L. Doctorow. Includes bibliography.
H a ra p ,
Creative Awakening: theJewish Presence in Twentieth-Century
American Literature, 1900-1940s .
New York: Greenwood, 1987. 196
A selective sociological and literary survey o f works reflecting
their decade. The Jew as depicted by American-J ewish and non-
Jewish writers. Harap includes both negative and positive treat­
Dramatic Encounters: the Jewish Presence in Twentieth-Century