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essay, “Ruth,” which is semi-autobiographical and touches on such
issues as gender, memory, exile, and scholarship.
P e a r lm a n , M ick ey ,
American Women Writing Fiction: Memory, Identity,
Family, Space.
o f Kentucky,
1989 . 2 3 6 p.
Discusses the work o f several Jewish-American women writers.
Includes bibliography o f writings about Susan Fromberg
Mother Puzzles: Daughters and Mothers in Contemporary
American Literature.
New York: Greenwood, 1989. 203 p.
Contains a treatment o f Jewish women and their relationship
to Judaism. Jewish-American women writers represented include
Rosellen Brown, Anne Roiphe, Susan Fromberg Schaeffer, Tillie
Olsen, and Anzia Yezierska.
R a in w a t e r , C a t h e r i n e
W i l l ia m J. S c h e i c k ,
Women Writers: Narrative Strategies.
Lexington: UP o f Kentucky,
1985. 234 p.
Attempts to trace in separate essays the narrative techniques o f
ten women writers. Includes analysis o f the fiction o f Cynthia
Ozick, Grace Paley, and Marge Piercy. Includes bibliographies.
S h e c h n e r , M ark .
After the Revolution: Studies in the Contemporary Jewish-
American Imagination:
Bloomington: Indiana UP, 1987. 261 p.
Examination o f a group o f American Jewish writers who in mov­
ing away from their early commitment to Leninism turned inward
to images o f alienation, modernism, psychoanalysis, and anti­
The Conversion o f the Jews and Other Essays.
New York: St.
Martin’s Press, 1990. 204 p.
A collection o f earlier published essays on American Jewish writ­
ers, including Isaac Rosenfeld, Saul Bellow, Delmore Schwartz,
Philip Roth, Lionel Trilling, Bernard Malamud, Alfred Kazin, Al­
len Ginsberg, and others.
S o c h e n , J u n e .
Consecrate Every Day: The Public Lives o f Jewish-American
Women, 1880-1980 .
Albany: SUNY Press, 1981. 167 p.
Deals with American Jewish women workers, radicals, career
women, volunteers, and writers. Chapter 6 discusses the image
o f Jewish women in literature and Jewish women writers.
W a ld e n , D a n i e l ,
Dictionary o f Literary Biography: Twentieth-Century
American-Jewish Fiction Writers.
Vol. 28. Detroit: Gale, 1984. 367
Full biographies o f major American Jewish fiction writers o f this
century that cite primary and secondary sources, as well as provide
plot summaries.
Jewish Women Writers and Women in Jewish Literature.
Albany: SUNY Press, 1983, 239 p.