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Twenty essays analyze a representative sampling o f subjects, au­
thors, concerns, and issues o f American Jewish women writers and
women as depicted in Jewish literature. Includes bibliography.
---------------- ed.
The Varieties of Jewish Experience.
Albany: SUNY Press,
1986. 163 p.
Includes commentary on Sholem Asch, Bernard Malamud,
Clifford Odets, Tillie Olsen, I.B. Singer, and Nathanael West.
III. Drama and Film
C o h en , S a r a h B l a c h e r ,
From Hester Street to Hollywood: the Jewish-
American Stage and Screen.
Bloomington: Indiana UP, 1983. 278
Eighteen essays analyzing the influence o f Jewish American play­
wrights, performers, and filmmakers on the American entertain­
ment world from 1920 to 1980. Discussion o f Yiddish theater,
Tin Pan Alley, Broadway, comedians such as Woody Allen and
Mel Brooks, writers such as Neil Simon and I.B. Singer.
D o n e s o n , J u d i t h
The Holocaust in American Film.
Phila.: Jewish Pub­
lication Society, 1987. 262 p.
“Investigation into the ways in which specific films have influ­
enced and reflected the Americanization o f the Holocaust and how
film has helped to disseminate the event into popular conscious­
E r en s , P a t r i c i a .
The Jew in American Cinema.
Bloomington: Indiana
UP ,
1984. 455
A decade by decade analysis. Follows the image o f the Jews in
American cinema from the industry’s silent era up to the early
1980s. Includes bibliography and filmography.
F riedm an , L e s t e r
Hollywood's Image of the Jew.
New York: Ungar,
1982. 390 p.
Part o f the Ungar film library series. Considers the image o f
the Jew in motion pictures. Includes a bibliography.
The Jewish Image in American Film.
Secaucus: Citadel Press,
1987. 260 p.
Traces seventy years o f Hollywood’s vision o f Jewish characters
and themes on the movie screen. Shows both positive and negative
images, and traces how the portrayal o f the Jew has changed over
the years from the silent era until the contemporary period.
In s d o r f , A n n e t t e .
Indelible Shadows: Film and the Holocaust.
New York:
Random House, 1983. 234 p.
The first full-length book on how film has represented the his­
tory and issues related to the Holocaust. Seventy-five fictional and
documentary films studied. Many produced in U.S. and some are
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