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V. Individual Authors
Saul Bellow
B r a h a m , J e a n n e .
A Sort of Columbus: the American Voyages of Saul Bellow’s
Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1984. 151 p.
Criticism and interpretation. Includes bibliography.
C r o n i n , G l o r i a
L. and
B l a i n e H . H a l l ,
Saul Bellow: An Annotated
New York: Garland, 1987. 312 p.
C r o n i n , G l o r i a
L. and L .H.
G o l d m a n ,
Saul Bellow in the 1980s:
A Collection of Critical Essays.
East Lansing: Michigan State UP,
1989. 328 p.
F u c h s , D a n i e l .
Saul Bellow: Vision and Revision.
Durham: Duke UP,
1984. 345 p.
Examination of Bellow’s cultural and literary milieu. Contains
hitherto unavailable material from the author’s unpublished man­
uscripts and letters. Analyzes Bellow’s manuscript revisions.
M i l l e r , R u t h .
Saul Bellow: A Biography of the Imagination.
New York:
St. Martin’s Press, 1991. 385 p.
Biography with much emphasis on the author’s personal friend­
ship with Bellow.
N ew m a n , J u d i e .
Saul Bellow and History.
New York: St. Martin’s Press,
1984. 208 p.
Develops an alternative reading of Bellow’s novels, presenting
them as works that are “responsive to historical specificity.”
P i f e r , E l l e n .
Saul Bellow Against the Grain.
Phila.: U of Pennsylvania
P ,
1990. 208
p .
Claims that while Bellow’s protagonists all seem to be doing men­
tal battle with the world around them, there is actually a deeper
split within-their psyches and that each is divided within himself.
R o d r i g u e s , E u s e b i o
Quest for the Human. An Exploration of Saul Bel­
low’s Fiction.
East Brunswick: Associated University Presses, 1981.
287 p.
Ph.D. dissertation adapted for publication. Eight chapters, each
devoted to one novel. Begins with
Dangling Man,
ends with
boldt’s Gift.
Argues that the eight protagonists in the novels up
to 1981 follow an “onward and upward quest for the human.”
E.L. Doctorow
F r i e d l , H e r w i g
D i e t e r S c h u l z ,
E.L. Doctorow: A Democracy
of Perception.
Essen: Verlag Die Blaue Eule, 1988. 201 p.
A symposium with and on Doctorow.