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Cynthia Ozick
K i e l s k y , V e r a E m u n a .
Inevitable Exiles: Cynthia Ozick’s View of the Pre­
cariousness of Jewish Existence in a Gentile Society.
New York: Peter
Lang, 1989. 239 p.
P i n s k e r , S a n f o r d .
The Uncompromising Fictions of Cynthia Ozick.
bia: U of Missouri Press, 1986. 119 p.
Considers the literary impact of Ozick’s determination on an
essential Jewishness of Jewish-American literature.
Studies in American Jewish Literature: Cynthia Ozick.
Fall, 1987.
The journal’s entire issue is composed of critical essays about
Ozick’s fiction.
Grace Paley
T a y l o r , J a c q u e l i n e .
Grace Paley: Illuminating the Dark Lives.
U of Texas Press, 1990. 153 p.
Critical discussion of Paley’s work with special attention to lan­
guage as the chief source of her originality. Taylor claims Paley
writes “in dialogue with and often in defiance of the semantic and
narrative conventions that constrain all writers.” Includes bibliog­
Chaim Potok
W a l d e n , D a n i e l ,
The World of Chaim Potok.
Albany: SUNY Press,
1985. 123 p.
Addresses, essays, and lectures on Potok. Includes bibliography.
Philip Roth
J o n e s , J u d i t h P a t e r s o n
G u i n e v e r a
N a n c e ,
Philip Roth.
New York: Ungar, 1981. 181 p.
Collected essays. Study of Roth’s novels beginning with the early
naturalistic fiction and then the satiric/experimental works. Dis­
When She Was Good
from a positive feminist perspective and
deals with the theme of the individual in conflict with authority.
M i l l b a u e r , A s h e r
Z. and
D o n a l d
W a t s o n ,
Reading Philip Roth.
New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1988. 205 p.
S e a r l e s , G e o r g e
J .
Conversations with Philip Roth.
Jackson: UP of Mis­
sissippi, 1992.
A collection of interviews with Roth reprinted from such pub­
lications as the New York Times Book Review, the Nation, the
Paris Review, and the Atlantic.