Page 267 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 50

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ecution. R. Meir supported his contention using two ancient
texts, but he saved his most striking proof for last. “There is
no one in the world who will not scream when he touches fire
with even the smallest finger/limb. Even if he tries to restrain
himself, he will be unable to do so. But [we have seen] many
(kedoshim moserim cazmam cal kiddush ha-Shem)
[who are
burned or killed who] do not scream at all.”40
Despite the difficult period in which he lived, and the abuses
and tragedies that he witnessed and experienced, R. Meir b.
Barukh o f Rothenburg left a corpus and a spirit that has en­
dured throughout the ages. As an heir to the legacy of medieval
Franco-German Jewry, he exhibited a remarkable and unending
commitment to scholarship, piety, and community.
(Prague), # 5 1 7 . Cf. David Tam ar in
Kiryat Sefer
33 (1948): 376.