Page 270 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 50

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The major collections are organized in the following catego­
Central Offices of the WZO and the JA.
Includes archives
from the Zionist office in Vienna, established by Herzl
(1897-1905), the offices in Cologne (1905-1911), Berlin
(1911-1920), London (1917-1948), New York (1939-
), and
the Geneva office of Dr. Nahum Goldmann (1936-1982).
Departments of the Executive of the WZO and the JA.
section holds, among much other material, the records o f the
Education Department of the Eretz Israel Office and the Coun­
cil of Representatives (1913-1932), Department of Immigration
), Sea and Fishing Department (1935-1948), Bialik
Institute (1935-1970), “Zionist Library” (1948-1986), and min­
utes of the JA and WZO Executives (1912-
Offices of Executive Members and Senior Officials of the WZO
and JA.
The following are a few of the collections in this cat­
egory, including those of Americans who had significant roles
in Palestine/Israel: Henrietta Szold (1928-1930), Joshua Gordon
(1929-1938), Maurice Hexter (1929-1930), Rabbi Meir Bar-Ilan
(1929-1930), Arthur Ruppin (1929-1940), David Ben-Gurion
(1934 -1948 ) , Rabbi Yehudah Leib Maimon (Fishman)
(1938-1943), Levi Eshkol (1948-1952), Dr. Israel Goldstein
(1948-1949; 1960-1961), Zalman Shazar (1951-1963), Moshe
Sharett (1961-1965) and Aryeh L. Dulzin (1977-1987).
Auxiliaries of the WZO and JA and Institutions Founded on
Their Initiative.
This category embraces sundry institutions re­
lated to the development of the
and the State, such as:
Committee for the Investigation o f Eretz Israel, Berlin
(1903-1911), Agricultural Experimental Station, Rehovot
(1925-1948), Bezalel School and Museum (1906-1950), Commit­
tee for the Hebrew University, London (1919-1934), Court of
Congress and Court of Honor of WZO (1923-1941), Anglo-
Palestine Company and Anglo-Palestine Bank [today Bank
Leumi Le-Israel] (1903-1940), Palestine Pavilion of the New
York World’s Fair (1939-1940), and the Palestine offices in
Ja ffa , Tel Aviv and Jerusalem (1908-1920), Copenhagen
(1914-1920), Paris (1918-1919, 1925-1933, 1945-1960), Berlin
(1920-1924), Riga (1920-1939), Trieste (1921-1961), New York
(1929-1948), Geneva (1939-1944) and Rome (1944-1954).
Offices of the World Zionist Congress.
This section has the
records o f the congresses from 1921-1965.