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Jewish National Fund.
Among the records in this category
are those of the main JN F offices in Vienna, Cologne and The
Hague (1902-1922), Jerusalem (1908-1922), Berlin (1919-1931),
London (1925-1972), Buenos Aires (1929-1962) and, of course,
a collection of JN F stamps.
Keren Hayesod.
The records in this section include material
from the United Palestine Appeal, New York (1933-1940), Na­
tional Committee in Eretz Israel, Tel Aviv (1925-1959) and KH
offices in London (1920-1926), Berlin (1920-1926), Riga
(1922-1939) and Jerusalem (1926-
Organizations and Zionist Associations in America.
In 1989,
CZA acquired the holdings of the Zionist Archives and Library
(ZAL) that was established in New York by the American Section
of the World Zionist Organization and the KH at the time of
the 1939 White Paper restricting Jewish immigration into Pal­
estine. As Zionism, the
and the Arab states became front­
page news, ZAL sought to provide authentic and timely infor­
mation and documented historical material to meet the de­
mands o f writers, media personnel and others. Housed in the
New York JA building, it was an invaluable source of informa­
tion in its specialized field. When the JA sold its building, the
archives o f ZAL were transferred to Jerusalem. Among the files
received were those of the following organizations: Zionist Or­
ganization of America (1918-1976), Palestine Economic Corpo­
ration [now PEC Israel Economic Corporation] (1922-1960),
American Palestine Christian Committee (1925-1961), Pro-
Palestine Committee (1930-1957), American Economic Commit­
tee for Palestine/Israel (1932-1954), American Zionist Emergen­
cy Council/Committee — American Zionist Council (1939-1970),
ESCO Foundation (1942-1943), Americans for Haganah
(1947 -1950 ) and Inter-University Committee on Israel
(1960-1971). In addition, there were considerable documentary
items from the files of prominent American Zionist leaders.
Archival Material of National Zionist Associations.
The ear­
liest documents in this category are from Romania (1882-1948),
South Africa (1892-
), Germany (1896-1983), Austria
(1898-1986), Canada (1898-1983), Russia (1898-1941) and Bul­
garia (1895-1898, 1919-1943). Among other countries repre­
sented are Austria, Brazil, Cuba, Egypt, France, Great Britain,
Holland, Hungary, Italy, Mauritius, Switzerland and Uruguay.