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This section also includes files o f Hadassah (1932-1977) and
the Revisionist Movement (1939-1945).
Hovevei Zion.
The documents of the Hovevei Zion move­
ment that preceded the advent of Herzl are particularly val­
uable. CZA has files of the Central Committee of the Hovevei
Zion Association in Odessa (1882-1917) and of its branches in
Romania (1880-1900), Vilna (1882-1901), Kovna (1882-1901),
and England (1890-1902). There is also a valuable collection
on Hibbat Zion covering a period of over a century (1836-1939)
that was made by the noted author Alter Druyanow who was
an early member of the movement and secretary of its Odessa
committee from 1890-1905.
Unofficial Zionist and Other Jewish Organizations.
This cat­
egory embraces such sundry groups as the Hebrew Teachers
Association in Galicia and Bukovina (1905-1922), World He­
brew Union (1931-1979), Brit Shalom (1926-1932), Jewish Ter­
ritorial Association (1905-1926), David Wolfssohn Fund
(1914-1947), and youth and student organizations that existed
in Germany and Austria from the end of the nineteenth cen­
The Yishuv in Eretz Israel.
Of particular significance in this
area are the files of the Jewish Colonization Association (ICA)
later merged with the Palestine Jewish Colonization Association
(PICA), that dealt with the settlements assisted by Baron
Edmond de Rothschild (1882-1957), the Vaad Leumi [the
elected National Council of the Jews of Palestine] (1918-1949),
and the record books of institutions o f the Old Yishuv
(1847-1906). Historic documents are found in the files of the
Jewish communities o f Safed (1830-1922), Kfar Tabor
(1908-1941), Tel Aviv [the Herzliah Gymnasia] (1910-1925), Tel
Adoshim (1911-1917), Ahuzat Bayit, Tiberias (1919-1940) and
Nahariah (1935-1948). Among the numerous organizations are:
Mikveh Israel Agricultural School (1868-1948), Kol Israel Have-
rim School, Safed (1897-1944), WIZO (1920-1940), Magen: So­
ciety for Aid to Jews and Zionists Persecuted in Soviet Russia
(1928-1977), General Zionists in Eretz Israel (1935-1964), Na­
tional Committee for the Jewish Soldier (1939-1948) and asso­
ciations of immigrants from Germany (1935-1948), Poland
(1940-1959) and Holland (1940-1960).
World Jewish Congress and Other Institutions.
Offices o f the
World Jewish Congress submitted records to CZA, as follows: