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hasidic rabbis. He wrote commentaries on the Torah and also left
behind a collection of responsa, which have both been reprinted
several times.
h a im
e r z o g
75th birthday. Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Sep­
tember 17, 1918. As son of Isaac Herzog, then rabbi in Ireland
and later chief rabbi o f Israel, he served in the British Army during
World War II and later headed the intelligence service of Israel.
For a number of years he served as Israeli ambassador to the Unit­
ed Nations. Since 1983 he has been president o f Israel. His works
The War of Atonement
The Arab-Israeli Wars,
(1982 ,
Battles of the Bible
(1978), and most recently
Heroes of Israel;
Profiles ofJewish Courage
(1989). His United Nations addresses are
appropriately titled:
Who Stands Accused? Israel Answers Its Critics
a v id
o f fm a n n
150th anniversary of birth. Born in Verbo, Czech­
oslovakia, November 24, 1843, died in Berlin, Germany, in 1921.
A modern Orthodox rabbi, he eventually became the head of the
Orthodox rabbinical seminary in Berlin. His studies dealt primarily
with Talmud and midrashic texts. In English translation was pub­
lished his
The First Mishna and the Controversies of the Tannaim
He was one of the few Jewish scholars to refute modern biblical
criticism, particularly the documentary hypothesis proposed by
Wellhausen. He also wrote commentaries on biblical books.
d o l ph
e l l in e k
100th anniversary of death. Born in Dislovitz,
Moravia, now Czechoslovakia, in 1820 or 1821, died in Vienna,
Austria, December 28, 1893. In 1856 he became chief rabbi of
Vienna. His sermons were much admired for using rabbinic texts
in a very original way. In his scholarly work he edited many hith­
erto unknown midrashic texts, enriching thus the sermonic source
literature of Judaism.
considerable part of his writings dealt
with the Kabbalah, which was generally neglected by modern 19th
century Jewish scholars. He likewise published bibliographies of
various rabbinic materials.
a rk u s
o s t
200th anniversary of birth. Born in Bernburg,
Germany, February 22, 1793, died in Frankfurt am Main, Ger­
many, in 1860. An enthusiastic backer of Reform Judaism, he be­
came a teacher at the Jewish high school in Frankfurt. He is best
remembered as a pioneer of modern Jewish historiography. Be­
ginning with 1820 he published several multi-volume works on
the history of Jews and Judaism. Although they were criticized
as being too rationalistic, they were credited with bringing together
a great many unknown facts, which later were to be utilized in
other works.
a c o b
a b a k o f f
75th birthday. Born in New York, March 20, 1918.