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They were published in several editions, also in translation as
(1926, 1960). His memoirs appeared both in Hebrew and
a t t i
e g g e d
70th birthday. Born in Kutno, Poland, May 1, 1923.
In Palestine since 1926, he taught Hebrew and general literature
at various teachers institutes. He has written poems and stories,
also literary criticism. As a member of the Palmach during the
War of Independence, he has published several volumes dealing
with that topic. For the past several years he has resided in New
e ir
ben B a ru ch ,
o f
Ro thenburg . 700th anniversary of death. Born
in Worms, Germany, around 1215, died in Ensisheim, Alsace,
April 27, 1293. For many years he was the premier authority on
Jewish law to the faithful in Germany, although he held no formal
appointment. His responsa have been reprinted many times and
are still prized as offering an insight into the problems of the Jewry
of his day. Moreover, he is also remembered as a hostage, who
was imprisoned by Rudolf of Hapsburg during the last seven years
of his life to obtain large sums of money from the Jewish com­
munity for his release, but which the rabbi would not permit.
br a h am
h a lom
r l a n s
100th anniversary of birth. Born in Kosov,
Poland, June 2, 1893, died in New York in 1959. In the United
States since 1907, he became an engineer, living in Palestine from
1932 to 1937. His avocation was Hebrew and Anglo-Jewish jou r­
nalism. From 1913 on he contributed to Hebrew magazines, par­
ticularly to
which appears to this day. Posthumously some
of his articles were published in a memorial book. He also had
translated a book on Zionism by Israel Zangwill.
r n a n
70th birthday. Born in Jerusalem, June 7, 1923. Active
in the Irgun Zvai Leumi, he was detained by the British from
1944-1948 in Eritrea, Sudan, and Kenya. During that time he be­
gan writing textbooks for beginners of Hebrew. He has since pub­
lished several works on the Hebrew language, particularly dealing
with its syntax. As a secularist he was active in the League Against
Religious Coercion and the Canaanite movement. He also pub­
lished some Hebrew poetry.
a p h a e l
m m a n u e l
i c c h i
250th anniversary of death. Born in Fer­
rara, Italy, in 1688, died in Modena, Italy, February 25, 1743.
A rabbi and kabbalist, he lived in various Italian cities, but his
desire to study Kabbalah led him eventually to settle in Safed,
Palestine. But because of a plague there, which claimed his daugh­
ter as a victim, he returned to Italy after two years. In addition
to works on the Tabernacle and a commentary on the Mishnah,