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he wrote several works on the Kabbalah, making original contri­
butions to the understanding of Jewish mysticism.
l l i s
iv k in
75th birthday. Born in Baltimore, Maryland, September
7, 1918. For many years he has been professor of Jewish history
at the Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati. While his earliest work
Leon da Modena and the Kol Sakhal
(1952) dealt with the disputed
authorship of a controversial work of the 17th century, the bulk
of his writings are concerned with developing a philosophy of Jew ­
ish history, trying to discover the principle that underlies Jewish
survival. He has expounded these ideas in
The Dynamics of Jewish
(1970) and
The Shaping of Jewish History, a Radical New In­
(1971). In
A Hidden Revolution
(1978) he offers a new
interpretation of the origin of the Pharisees. Most recently he
Who Crucified Jesus?
iv k in d
25th anniversary o f death. Born in Lodz, Poland, in
1895, died in New York, February 18, 1968. As a young man
he was active in the Zionist movement in Europe. After coming
to this country in 1920 he joined the staff of the Jewish Theological
Seminary Library, finally becoming head of its Hebrew depart­
ment. In his Hebrew and Yiddish writings he pursued the byways
of Jewish culture and folklore. Of this genre were a work against
gambling and a study about
the popular Jewish musicians
in Eastern Europe. Another book dealt with the history of Bar
Mitzvah; still another was devoted to money in Jewish folklore.
a u l
o m a n o f f
50th anniversary of death. Born in Vilna, Lithuania,
in 1898, died in New York, December 12, 1943. He studied ar­
chitecture and topography in European universities, coming to
the United States in 1928 and eventually becoming head of the
Jewish Museum established by the Jewish Theological Seminary
of America. In addition to writing for Yiddish periodicals on Jew ­
ish art, he also wrote
Onomasticon of Palestine, a New Method in Post-
Biblical Topography
(1937) and
Jewish Symbols on Ancient Jewish Coins
(1944, 1971).
il l ia m
o s e n a u
50th anniversary of death. Born in Wollstein, Ger­
many, died in Baltimore, Maryland, December 9, 1943. Brought
to the United States as a child, he became a prominent Reform
rabbi, serving for many years in Baltimore. His doctoral thesis
at Johns Hopkins University,
Hebraisms in the Authorized Version of
the Bible
, originally issued in 1902, was reprinted in 1903 and three
times in the 1970’s. Another popular work was
Jewish Ceremonial
Institutions and Customs
(1903 , 1912, 1925, 1971, 1991). He deliv­
ered the Alumni Lectures at the Hebrew Union College, published
under the title,
The Rabbi in Action
(1937). He also prepared a