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traditional Haggadah with English translation, first published in
1905 and reprinted several times since.
r t h u r
u p p in
50th anniversary of death. Born in Rawicz, Germany,
in 1876, died in Jerusalem, January 1, 1943. A graduate in law
and social studies in Germany, he was drawn to Zionism by the
increasing anti-Semitism in Germany. His sociological studies re­
sulted in several major works, translated into English as
The Jews
in the Modern World
(1934 , 1973) and
The Jewish Fate and Future
(1940 , 1972). Before World War I he settled in Palestine and
directed the settlement activity of the Zionist Movement for the
rest of his life. He is credited with much of the success of this
endeavor. About this work he wrote
Three Decades ofPalestine
1975), and
Building Israel
(1949). Also of interest for the history
of the Zionist movement is
Arthur Ruppin: Memoirs, Diaries, Letters,
edited with an introduction by Alex Bein (1971, 1972).
a m u e l
h a
a g id
1000th anniversary of birth. Born in Cordova,
Spain, in 993 , died in Granada, Spain, in 1056. As grand vizier
of the Sultan of Granada, he also was chief of his military estab­
lishment and fought his battles quite successfully throughout his
career. At the same time he was an outstanding Hebrew poet,
whose works have been studied up to this day and have been issued
in critical editions in recent years. An English edition appeared
under the title,
Jewish Prince in Moslem Spain: Selected Poems of Sam­
uel Ibn Nagrela
g n a c y
c h i p e r
50th anniversary of death. Born in Tarnow, Galicia,
in 1884, died in the concentration camp Maidanik, end of July
or early August in 1943. A modern trained historian, he concen­
trated on the history of Polish Jewry, particularly its economic as­
pect, which had been neglected until his time. For this he wrote
several works in Yiddish, Polish, and German, devoting also an­
other book to the art and theater of the Polish Jews. His use of
Polish sources opened up new vistas for a better understanding
to put Jewish life in Poland in a larger perspective.
b b a
i l l e l
i l v e r
100th anniversary of birth. Born in Sirvintos,
Lithuania, January 28, 1893, died in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1963.
Coming early to the United States, he became one of the outstand­
ing preachers of the Reform movement. At age 25 he became
rabbi of the major Reform congregation in Cleveland, remaining
there until the end of his life.
H e
was also a major American Zionist
leader who presented the case for the Jewish State to the United
Nations in May 1947, along with David Ben-Gurion and Moshe
Shertok (later Sharett). In addition, he published both scholarly
and popular works. Among the former are
A History of Messianic
Speculation in Israel
(1927, 1959) and
Where Judaism Differed