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e r g m a n
, T
am a r
Along the tracks.
T r. from the Hebrew by Michael
Swirsky. Boston: Houghton, 1991. 256 p. (10-14)
Yankele, a survivor-refugee, searches for his mother along the
train tracks where they were separated when the Germans invaded
Poland during World War II.
e r k o w
, I
r a
Hank Greenberg: Hall-of-Fame slugger.
Illus. by Mick
Ellison. (Young Biography Series). Phila: Jewish Publication So­
ciety, 1991. 108 p. Charts, chron., index, no bibliog. (10-14)
An exceptional biography of the first Jewish athlete to be elected
to the Baseball Hall of Fame.
o b e r
, N
a t a l i e
Marc Chagall: Painter of dreams.
Illus. by Vera
Rosenberry. Phila.: Jewish Publication Society, 1991. 142 p. (9-13)
This well written, thoroughly researched but easy-to-read biog­
raphy of the artist focuses on his Jewish roots.
r a il o f s k y
, M
a lk a
Flying with Daniel.
Illus. by Connie Frank. Brook­
lyn, NY: Art Scroll/Mesorah Youth, 1991. 192 p. (10-14)
(observant) 12-year-old boy’s trip to Israel turns into
an adventure. A good portrait of Israel emerges, both current
and historical. Excessively bilingual. Glossary.
r e n n e r
, B
a r b a r a
I f you were there in 1492.
NY: Bradbury/Macmillan,
1991. 112 p. (8-12)
Focuses on everyday life at that time with chapters on travel,
food, clothing and education. Highlights the pivotal events of that
year — the Moor’s surrender of Granada, the Jew’s expulsion from
Spain, and the Inquisition.
u s h
, L
a w r e n c e
Emma Ansky-Levine and her mitzvah machine.
Illus. by
Joel Iskowitz. NY: UAHC, 1991. 115 p. pb. (8-12)
Emma’s Bat Mitzvah year is spent in the company of an odd
gift — a computer whose screen bears messages of Jewish values
that challenge and guide her, which results in her becoming more
Jewishly involved than her assimilated family.
a i t c h
, K
e n n e t h
Leonard Bernstein: America’s maestro.
With a mes­
sage from Isaac Stern. Illus. by Sheilah Foley. Lowell, MA.: Dis­
covery Enterprises, 1991. 48 p., pb. 9 ” x 12” (10-Adult)
A beautifully illustrated, carefully researched biography high­
lighting the life of Leonard Bernstein.
d e
a o l a
, T
o m i e
My first Passover.
Illus. by the author. NY: Putnam,
1991, unp. board book (2-4)
Basic concepts and vocabulary, and the artist’s unique illustra­
tions of Passover symbols introduce the holiday.
r u c k e r
, M
a lk a
A Jewish holiday ABC.
Illus. by Rita Pocock. NY: HBJ/
Gulliver, 1992. 40 p. (3-7)
A pre-school alphabet book compendium of Jewish holiday sym­
bols and customs. Attractive and a nice addition, but not totally