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a new
f rum
friend’s peaceful home where she learns to
bat candles. When her father finds her blessing the lit Shabbat
candles in their home, he is furious — which eventually leads her
to discover her father’s secret past.
l o r a n s
, E
s t i e
Conquer the darkness: a joyous story of triumph over ad­
Brooklyn, NY: Mesorah, 1991. 223 p. (12-up)
After receiving a phone call from a long-lost blind friend who
is unexpectedly paying a visit, Renie is uneasy about how she will
find her now. While waiting, she reviews their past. An inspiring
book with Torah messages and a glossary.
r e e d l a n d
, S
a r a
Hanukkah! A three-dimensional celebration.
111. by Sue
Clarke, NY: Viking, 1991. 8 pop-up pages. (All ages)
A pop-up book celebrating the Festival of Lights. Full-color.
Songs, games.
r e ed m a n
, R
a b b i
E .
B., et al.
What does beingJewish mean? Read
responses to questions Jewish children ask about history, culture and re­
NY: Prentice Hall, 1991. 136 p. pb. (8-13)
A compilation of children’s most-asked questions and answers
about Judaism is arranged in categories. Written clearly, with an
attempt at evenhanded treatment of all Jewish denominations, but
from a traditional point of view.
r i ed m a n
, C
h a n i e
. /
- /
goes shopping.
Illus. by Chaim Shmiel. Brook­
lyn, New York: Art Scroll Middos/Mesorah, 1991. unp. (5-8)
What looks like a “Golden Book,” could be set to country music,
and teaches
(truth)? It is
Jo-Jo goes shopping
— about how
one lie leads to another. Not a cautionary tale to scare a child,
but one with humor and a twist. Cartoon illustration.
a n t z
, D
a v id
David’s Hanukkah golem.
Illus. by the author. Phila.: Jew­
ish Publication Society, 1991. unp. (6-10)
A frightened boy, hiding from two boys he mistakenly thinks
are out to steal his scooter Hanukkah present, is inspired by his
grandfather’s golem tales to fashion a mini-golem for protection.
Cartoon illustrations.
a n z
, Y
a f f a
Very good fisherman, very good fish.
Illus. by Dov Moroz,
N Y :
Mesorah, 1991. unp. (4-8)
A nosy neighbor learns that it is not what
but how one
which makes for happiness, in this funny tale about a fisherman
and his devoted wife. Harmoniously illustrated with “good-
humored” folksy watercolors. A larger format would be perfect
for story hour.
a n z
, Y
a f f a
Yom Kippur with Bina, Benny and Chaggai Hayonah;
Succos with Bina, Benny and Chaggai Hayonah,
(Books 2 and 3 in
ArtScroll’s Children’s Holiday Series). Illus. by Liat Binyamini Ar­
iel. Brooklyn,
N Y :
ArtScroll, 1991. unp. (7-9)