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all the animals moving. A humorous read-aloud by a fine cartoon­
a r v in
, I
s a b e l
Bridge to freedom.
Phila.: JPS, 1991. 136 p. (10-14)
An adventure story of escape to freedom by a 15-year-old Ger­
man conscript and a 15-year-old Jewish girl in the waning days
o f WWII.
i l l e r
, S
u san
a r t in s
Illus. by Al Bohl. Westwood, NJ:
Barbour, 1991. 32 p. pb.
Tells the Bible story about Elijah, Ahab and Jezebel.
o r p u r g o
, M
i c h a e l
Waiting fo r Anya.
NY: Viking, 1991. 172 p.
Told from 12-year old J o ’s point of view, this is an exciting,
moving, many-faceted war adventure about an occupied French
town and the gentile widow who helps her Jewish son-in-law smug­
gle Jewish children to Spain while waiting for his own daughter,
o r r is o n
, M
a r t h a
t e p h e n
r o w n
(World Religions
Series) NY: Facts on File, 1991. 128 p. (11-A)
Includes a basic history of Judaism from biblical days to the
present, its basic beliefs, traditions, holidays, etc. Biblical quotes
are well integrated into the narrative. The photographs, however,
could have been more representative of the broad range of Ju ­
p p e n h e im
, S
h u l a m it h
e v e y
The lily cupboard.
Illus. by Ronald
Himler. NY: Zolotow/Harper Collins, 1992. 32 p. $15 .00 (5-8)
A Jewish child, hidden by a Dutch family, finds comfort in her
pet rabbit. A story of righteous gentiles.
r k a n d
, O
o g o t
Gates of awe: High Holy Day prayers for
young children.
Illus. by Neil Waldman. NY: (CCAR) Central Con­
ference of Rabbis, 1991. 62 p. (4-8)
A beautifully illustrated high holiday prayerbook.
* O
r l e v
, U
r i
The man from the other side.
T r . from the Hebrew by Hillel
Halkin. Boston: Houghton, 1991. 186 p. (10-16)
A thriller about a Polish boy and his step-father who smuggle
Jews through the sewers out of the ghetto, it focuses on character
and moral conflict. A story o f great impact. Winner of the National
Book Award for Children’s Literature.
a t t e r s o n
, G
e o f f r e y
Jonah and the whale.
NY: Lothrop, 1992. 32 p.
Wonderful illustrations and a pedestrian retelling.
* P
a t t e r s o n
, J
o s e
Angels, prophets, rabbis and kings from the stories of
theJewish people.
Illus. by Claire Bushe. NY: Bedrick/Blackie, 1991.
Index. 144 p. (7-10)
A treasury of Jewish tales in a smoothly written collection. Di­