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vided into 13 groups, each is introduced by an explanation of the
meaning of the tales and their sources. Magnificently illustrated.
Handsome gift book.
o l a c c o
, P
a t r i c ia
Chicken Sunday.
NY: Philomel, 1992. 32 p. $14 .95
A Jewish child and her two Afro-American friends want to earn
money to buy the two children’s grandmother an Easter bonnet,
but must first win over a Jewish shopkeeper. Richly colored images
from African-American and Russian Jewish cultures in Polacco’s
flowing line.
o l a c c o
, P
a t r i c ia
Mrs. Katz and Tush.
NY: Bantam, 1992. 32 p.
$15 .00 (4-8)
A warm and touching Passover story of a elderly Jewish woman,
an Afro-American child, and a cat. Polacco’s expressive, vibrant
illustrations are wonderful.
o r t e
, B
a r ba r a
n n
Harry gets an uncle.
Illus. by Yossi Abolafia. NY:
Greenwillow, 1991. 48 p. (6-10)
Harry is worried about being ring boy at his aunt’s wedding.
Although the wedding couple is Jewish and is married under a
Harry’s world is multiracial. This is reflected in Abolafia’s
lively, informal illustrations, with many guests and the wedding
procession wearing
u s h k e r
, G
lo r ia
e l e s
Toby Belfer never had a Christmas tree..
by Judith Hierstein. Gretna, Louisiana: Pelican, 1991, 32 p. (5-8)
When Toby shares the traditions and customs of Hanukkah with
her friends in a small, non-Jewish town, they understand why she
never had a Christmas tree. Includes an explanation of Hanukkah.
Only fair.
e s n ic k
, A
b r a h a m
The Holocaust.
Photos, reprods. (Overview Series).
San Diego,
C A :
Lucent, 1991. 128 p. (9-14)
A solid history of the Holocaust, and the establishment of Israel.
Bulgaria and Denmark are praised for protecting their Jewish pop­
ulation. Chronology, glossary, directory of Holocaust organiza­
tions, bibliography, reading list, index, picture sources.
o s e n b e r g
, A
m y e
Melly’s menorah: a Hanukkah story
with over
5 0
color peel-off stickers. NY: S&S/Little, Simon, 1991. pb (3-6)
When this Jewish beaver family’s menorah is lost in their move
to a new house, little Melly’s cookie-dough menorah saves the day.
Stickers include all the symbols of Hanukkah.
il l ia n
a m m e r
Buba Leah and her paper children.
Illus. by Mary
Morgan. Phila: JPS, 1991. 32 p. (5-8)
In an East-European shtetl, Chava wonders about the “paper
children” her great-aunt, Buba Leah always mentions. One day,
a letter comes for Buba Leah and Chava, leaving Chava’s parents