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illustrations from the Pamplona Bibles. Includes translations and
numbers of the sections from which the story derives.
o c h e r t o v
The blind thief and other stories.
Illus. T r . from the He­
brew. Spring Valley, NY: Feldheim, 1991. 183 p. (9-14)
Contains the parables of the Maggid of Dubno in the form of
contemporary stories. Arranged by theme, they illustrate faith in
God, helping others, developing good
overcoming temp­
tation, Torah scholars, and learning
p ie g e lm a n
, A
r t
Maus: a survivor’s tale: II : and here my troubles began.
NY: Pantheon, 1992. 136 p. (12-A)
In comic-strip format about his parent’s survival of the Holo­
caust and his troubled relationship with his father. An emotionally
charged book.
p r in g e r
, S
a l l y
Let’s make latkes.
Illus. by the author. Rockville, MD:
Kar-Ben, 1991. unp. bd (1-3)
With a text of five verbs and brightly colored figures, this is
the youngest board book yet, but it’s fine for babies and toddlers.
o p e k
, S
u sa n
Ten good rules.
Illus. by Roz Schanzer. Rockville, MD:
Kar-Ben, 1992. unp. (3-6)
Introduces the Ten Commandments with slightly changed lan­
guage appropriate to young children. Can be used as a counting
book and for finger-play. Finger puppets can be made by tracing
the illustrations. Just right as a break between stories, or on its
o ig h t
, C
y n t h ia
David and Jonathan.
NY: Scholastic, 1992. 256 p.
David, a guilt-haunted survivor, disrupts the lives of Henry and
David’s cousin Jonathan, threatening their long-time friendship.
Their literary dialogue is too mature for the characters and for
any but gifted teens.
a n d e l
Farmer Greenfield’s trip to the city.
ArtScroll Middos/
Mesorah, 1991. unp. (6-8)
A funny story about a boy who teaches his accident-prone family
that “where there’s a will, there’s a way.” What a good illustrator
could have done with this story!
a n d e l
The secret of the leaves.
Illus. by Chagit Migron. Brooklyn,
NY: ArtScroll/Mesorah, 1991. unp. (6-8)
Stylized cartoon illustrations about a boy who learns that shout­
ing is not the best way to be heard.
*Vos , Ida.
Hide and seek.
T r . from the Dutch. Boston, MA: Houghton,
1991. 144 p.
The feeling of being caged is present in this autobiographical
novel. The most moving and least familiar part of the book is